The best Warzone class of the CW MP5: accessories…

The Cold War MP5 is an extremely powerful machine gun on Warzone at close range. So find out what are the best accessories and perks you need to equip for Season 5.

Historically, the MP5 has been a very popular weapon among Call of Duty players due to its high firing speed and significant damage at close range.

While Season 5 brought a new new submachine gun, the TEC-9, other weapons in this category have not received any changes and therefore Black Ops Cold War MP5 still remains viable on the Battle Royale.

So if you want to become intractable during your next games on Warzone, find out which accessories and assets you absolutely must use for Season 5.

The best Cold War MP5 class on Warzone

MP5 Cold War Warzone

The accessories you need to equip on the Cold War MP5.

The best accessories for the Cold War MP5 on Warzone

  • Mouth : Silent Agency
  • Laser : Projector Team Tiger
  • Crosse : Raider stock
  • Handle : Bruiser handle
  • Munitions : STANAG drum magazine with 50 cartridges

This Black Ops Cold War MP5 class is designed with the goal of dominating at close range. So let’s go through all the accessories that we have decided to equip.

First, the Agency Silencer which functions similarly to Modern Warfare’s monolithic Silencer attachment increases the weapon’s range while also hiding you from the minimap when firing.

As the MP5 is more suited to close range duels, we opted for the absence of a barrel in order to replace this accessory with the Raider Stock in order to have more mobility.

In order for you to be fast and aggressive with the MP5, the Bruiser Grip will allow you to move faster while having better guesswork accuracy which complements very well with the Team Tiger Projector laser which will improve your aiming movement speed. .

And finally, the STANAG 50 round drum magazine magazine is perfect for stringing kills without having to reload during the action.

MP5 Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War’s MP5 is formidable at close range.

The best assets for an MP5 class on Warzone

  • Asset 1 : Cold blood
  • Asset 2 : Ghost
  • Asset 3 : Overloaded

Since the launch of Season 5, Cold Blood has become the new mandatory perk you must have in order to counter the new Combat Scout Perk.

Phantom is always the best option in Asset 2. Getting spotted by a drone or heart sensor often leads to certain death, so there’s no real reason to stray from the meta here.

Finally, Boost will allow you to improve the speed of transition between your weapons, which can be particularly interesting for melee duels.

There you go, you now know everything about the Black Ops Cold War MP5! If you want to opt for a competitive long distance class in order to combine it with this submachine gun, then we recommend the new EM2 assault rifle which is already very popular on Verdansk.


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