The best VPN deals of this fall are gathered here

In this fall season, VPN providers are competing for promotions to attract new customers: this is an opportunity to save money. And if you are wondering why to use a VPN, there are many reasons to do so. These secure your connection and preserve your privacy online, including on public networks.

This will allow you to no longer fear hackers, but also to browse anonymously. In addition to protecting your life on the net, VPNs will also allow you to bypass censorship and access web content from around the world.

And to find a quality VPN at a low price, you can trust us: we have found three great deals for you. The most advantageous is at NordVPN, which offers its services for only € 2.80 per month. To take advantage of it, it’s here:

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1 – NordVPN, the most premium at a reduced price

NordVPN is reputable software, and as a result, it is relatively rare for the latter to drop its prices. But today it is, with a crazy offer, offering an unbeatable quality / price ratio. The latter gives you an immediate 72% discount on the 24-month subscription to VPN services.

Thus, NordVPN will cost you for this subscription period only 67.15 €, against 243 € in normal times. This corresponds to a monthly rate of € 2.80, whereas this is usually € 10.16. But rest assured, even at this price, NordVPN does not skimp on the means to protect and satisfy you.

As soon as you have the NordVPN app (available on all media, including mobile), you just need to activate it to be protected. NordVPN will do this encrypt your browsing data and hide your IP address, so that no one can access your information or your identity.

But NordVPN goes further, with its more than 5,000 servers in sixty countries, your connection will also allow you to visit sites normally inaccessible in your geographical area. This also applies to unblock streaming platforms and foreign TV channels, for example.

In addition, with its Onion Over VPN servers, NordVPN allows you to access the dark web easily, under the guise of software security. So don’t wait for the NordVPN offer to expire, and subscribe now.

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2 – CyberGhost, the cheapest VPN

Want to study other VPNs? Then take a look at CyberGhost. The latter is currently offering an 85% reduction on its two-year subscription, to which it adds three more months of free protection. You will therefore be able to enjoy the services of this great VPN for 27 months, and this, at the price of 49.40 €, instead of 323 €.

This saving of more than 270 € drops the monthly cost of the VPN from 11.99 € to 1.83 €, an unbeatable price. With this offer, you will have all CyberGhost services. Thus, you will be protected on the net in an irreproachable way, thanks to the advanced encryption of your browsing data but also to the complete and flawless masking of your IP address.

This VPN will allow you to access more than 7,400 servers in 91 territories to bypass all geo-blocks. In addition, note that CyberGhost offers dedicated servers for streaming, downloading torrents (P2P) and even online gaming. As the bandwidth is unlimited, CyberGhost offers completely optimal streaming, downloading and gaming experiences with no limits. As such, it is one of the best VPNs for the Call of Duty Warzone game.

In addition, you will have 7 simultaneous connections with a single account to cover all your devices (or those of your loved ones) with the CyberGhost app. The latter is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux). If you want to take advantage of CyberGhost’s current offer, it’s here:

Enter the CyberGhost VPN offer

3 – Surfshark VPN, an excellent compromise

To finish this ranking of the best VPN offers of the moment, let’s find the Surfshark software. The latter – like its competitors – is drastically lowering its prices at present. Indeed, Surfshark gives you an immediate 83% discount on its 24-month subscription and 3 months free as a supplement.

This gives you access to 27 months of subscription, at the exceptional price of € 51.50. This reduction represents a saving of more than 240 € compared to the base price which is 296 €. Thus, the monthly price of Surfshark drops from € 10.99 to just € 1.91.

Please note that this offer is accompanied by unlimited simultaneous connections. You will therefore be able to use the VPN on all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and enjoy its unlimited advantages.

This VPN is also very reliable to guarantee your security and confidentiality at all times. Surfshark also has an intuitive application, very easy to use. Like its competitors, it offers you a vast network of servers: more than 3,200 in 65 different countries.

This geographical location makes Surfshark an excellent software for unblocking foreign catalogs from Netflix, but also Hulu, Prime Video or even YouTube. You will agree, Surfshark is also quite qualitative so try it now at a low price thanks to its unique offer:

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