The best free board games to have fun online with your loved ones

The Web is full of board games that are as addicting as they are entertaining. Especially since many of them are completely free. We have selected for you the best games available in 2021.

Best board games

Despite the democratization of consoles and computers, board games are still very common in homes. Nothing like a good Monopoly or Risk evening to brighten up a rainy weekend. Or to furnish a summer day too suffocating to go outside for a stroll. The confinement has also shown that board games are still very popular in France. The turnover of game manufacturers increased by 10% last year to reach 630 million euros, according to NPD.

You will understand, the French like to play with their relatives around a table. Still, they can also launch a game on the Web. Many free board games are thus available online. From the vast choice available to you, we have selected the essential platforms that are just waiting to be tried. Good fun !

Best online board games: our 2021 selection

The werewolf

It will take strategy to achieve victory at Loup-Garou. The principle of the game is simple. Bloodthirsty werewolves kill a villager every night. The mission of the other players will thus be to unmask them during the day and to eliminate them by voting. To do this, they will be able in particular to debate and rely on the special skills of certain villagers (witch, clairvoyant, little girl, etc.). It takes at least eight players to start a game, but you can easily mobilize additional players online if you are not enough.

Board Game Arena

Free board games

Board Game Arena is a must-see site for gamers hungry for fun. Accessible from a browser, it integrates more than 350 diverse and varied games. It is possible to rub shoulders with your friends or opponents from all over the world (the site claims more than 6.6 million users). Bluff, tile placement, card games, dice, conquest… There is something for everyone, from the most classic (backgammon, belote) to the most original (Carcassonne, Pandémie, Terra Mystica). The platform is free but the premium versions of some games require a subscription (two euros per month).

Happy Meeple

Happy Meeple: free games

Less provided, the Happy Meeple game aggregator is still a very nice alternative. Completely free, it includes 13 titles that are played in pairs, including Finito. A dice game where the objective is to rank your chips from 1 to 12 faster than your opponent. In another register, the game Lost Cities could also please you. Participants must complete expeditions in five different geographic areas. To do this, they are invited to lay cards in ascending order by mobilizing their tactical intelligence.


Free monopoly

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in the world. Its principle? Carry out real estate transactions to ruin your competitors and thus obtain the monopoly. The Monopoly Classic site will allow you to play it for free directly in a browser. However, it will not be possible to compete against your friends online, as the game is only available locally. If you have guests but don’t have a Monopoly board, now you know what to do.



The unmissable Uno is also perfectly playable online without spending a penny. To refresh your memory, the principle of the game is simple: discard all your cards by placing them on your heel. To do this, you must place a card with the same suit or the same number as the top card. But beware of the penalties that your opponents may inflict on you! On the Solitaire Paradise site, you have the possibility to play four, or even invite friends to your game.

The game box

The game box

Don’t be fooled by its vintage design, the Game Box is a very complete platform that is sure to appeal to the most frantic players. To access the many titles on offer, all you have to do is create an account by entering an e-mail address. Once done, you can join a slew of games or even start your own. Try to control the universe in Dragon Face, plow your fields on Agricola or tame the secrets of alchemy in Achemists!



Do you like Pictionary? You will love Skribbl! The principle of the game is the same: make your most beautiful drawings with your mouse in order to succeed in making the other participants guess as many words as possible. It is possible to face random players or create your private room to challenge your loved ones. All of this for free. As soon as you think you have the correct answer, write your answer in the chat to earn points.



GameDuell is also an aggregator that deserves to be known. And for good reason, it includes many board games that may distract you. You will thus find great classics there like Yams, Belote, American 8 or Tarot.

Play Play

Play play

To finish this selection, we have chosen to include the Play Play platform which has existed for a long time. Like the other sites previously mentioned, all games run directly on your Internet browser, no downloads are required. Among the slew of titles available include Quizzland, Uno, RummyClub, Bingo, Chess Games and more. Do not hesitate to rummage on it to find the rare pearl.


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