The Best Fish For Stardew Valley Fish Ponds Are

The Best Fish For Stardew Valley Fish Ponds Are:

In Stardew Valley, fish ponds are a good way to get resources that you can sell at a market and use to make new things. But some fish are better than others depending on what they give you and how many of them are in the pond. Here are some of the best fish for a Stardew Valley fish pond.

No matter how good you are at fishing in Stardew Valley, it will get boring and boring. Yes, almost every good player has muscle memory for every move and challenge. But what if you are doing something else, like looking for the best boots in the game?

You won’t get rich quickly because there isn’t a lot of gold in deep water, and you’ll end up in a loophole. The Fish Pond is the place to go if you want to take a break and look at your favourite things. You’ll also get something back while you wait or give yourself a challenge at the endgame.

How To Make A Pond:

In Stardew Valley, you need 200 Stone, 5 Seaweed, 5 Green Algae, and 5,000g to build a fish pond on your farm.

Where You Can Find Everything:

Breaking rocks on your farm, in The Mines, or in Skull Cavern is an easy way to get stone.

You can fish for seaweed in the ocean at any time of year or look for it in the tide pools on The Beach. You can’t get to these pools until you use 300 pieces of wood to fix the broken bridge on The Beach.

Green Algae can be caught from any fishing spot, except the Standard Farm pond, at any time of year. It is also a rare item that Green Slimes sometimes drop.

Where Is Carpenter’s Shop:

Once you have all of these things and enough money, you should go to the Carpenter’s Shop. This is just west of Mountain Lake and is usually open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday, by Robin.

Choose “Fish Pond” from the construction menu, and then choose where on your farm you want it to be. Fish ponds occupy a 5×5 area, so make sure you have that space cleared out. Robin will need three days to construct the fish pond, so you should catch the fish you want to breed in that time.

The Best Fish For Ponds Are:

It’s important to remember that the fish’s ponds will have icons for quests you’re required to complete at different times. You can’t help their population grow if you don’t meet their needs, so verify their ponds every several days to find out what they want you to do.

In these quests, you have to give the fish a certain item.


Blobfish can also be caught at the hatch on the Fishing Submarine. This floater sells for between 500g and 15,000g each. But the difficulty & behaviour are a bit hard, but they’ll get easier to predict with practise.

Give them 4 days to make room for another person. They take time to have babies in the Fish Pond, so when they show this “!” icon, you must be prepared to give in to what they want.

Initial Capacity


Improved Capacity

One Coral (3), Frozen Tear (2) or Sea Urchin (2) Three
Three Coffee Bean (5), Mayonnaise (1) or Pizza (1) Five
Five Cookie (1), Green Tea (1) or Wine (1) Seven
Seven Rainbow Shell (1) or Rice Pudding (1) Ten

Midnight Squid:

Such as the Blobfish, the Midnight Squid is also another kind of aquatic creature you can capture at the Night Market. During this event from Winter 15 to 17, you can find it on the submarine ride.

People want Midnight Squid because they can make squid ink. The more people there are in the pond, the more likely you are to get squid ink. When you have 10 Midnight Squid in your pond, you could indeed drop two squid ink at the same time.

You could use squid ink for garments dye, tailoring, and also to start creating a seafoam pudding. These are the possible missions for the Midnight Squid, which appear every three days to help them grow in number.

Initial Capacity


Improved Capacity

Three Coral (3) or Sea Urchin (2) Five
Five Sardine (2) Seven
Seven Ocean Stone (1) Ten

Blue Discus:

Blue Discus can be caught in the same area after the Ginger Island update from version 1.5. To get this tropical fish into your Fish Pond, you can throw your Fishing Rod either north or west.

It’s not necessary to utilise Magic Bait because the fish are always there, no matter what time of year or weather it is. It’s easy to catch a Blue Discus, and they have babies every three days. But you can boost their spirits in their new home by giving them the following things.

Initial Capacity


Improved Capacity

Three Taro Root (3) Five
Five Taro Root (10) Ten


In Stardew Valley, getting a Sturgeon is the only way to make Caviar for the Missing Bundle. It’s hard to make progress on that sweet movie theatre, but it’s even harder to catch the fish.

They are a little hard to find, but you have plenty of time between 6am and 7pm. You can locate them at Mountain Lake in the summer and winter.

To make Sturgeon multiply every four days, you’ll need the following things.

Initial Capacity


Improved Capacity

One Diamond (1) Three
Three Jelly (1), Maple Syrup (2), or Pickles (1) Five
Five Omni Geode (3) Seven
Seven Nautilus Shell (1) Ten



Since it’s one of the hardest fish to catch, the everyday loot it gives isn’t the best. But you’ll get Omni Geodes, which you can trade with the Desert Trader for rare items. But the possibilities are still low, as the table comparison below shows.

You can catch this smart creature in all Oceans, but only at the Submarine Night Market. They are mostly available from 6 am to 1 pm in the summer, but fishing for them can be hard. But Trap Bobber can help because it makes it harder for Octopus to move all around fishing bar.

If you put it in the Fish Pond, they can have babies every four days and ask for the following materials to grow.

Initial Capacity


Improved Capacity

Three Coral (3), Honey (1), Oyster (1), or Refined Quartz (3) Five
Five Dried Starfish (1), Emerald (2), Omni Geode (2-3), or Purple Mushroom (2-3) Seven
Seven Green Tea (1) Ten


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