The best external smartphone batteries: our buying guide for 2021

Here are the best external smartphone batteries of the moment to have maximum autonomy. There is something for everyone: rather a fan of long hikes? Do you want to simply have an additional charge at a lower cost? An external battery is what you need. But one can easily get lost in the face of the swarm of models available on the market. So we have put together a buying guide for you to help you make your choice.

External battery

Battery failures are one of the main problems that one can encounter with your smartphone. Especially since it often occurs at the wrong time, when it is impossible for us to recharge our device. Reason for hope, researchers have developed batteries that recharge in seconds. Except that for the moment, we must be satisfied with the current batteries of our smartphones, with their limits.

However, there is a simple way to overcome this problem: invest in a external battery who can come as a backup if needed. Their role is not to replace the smartphone battery, but to provide it with energy, especially when it is close to complete discharge.

The best external batteries for maximum autonomy

The characteristics to take into account if you want to buy an external battery are the size, the weight, the recharging time, the possibility or not of recharging a computer, the price… Unlike this prototype phone Capable of operating without a battery, smartphones typically have a battery of 3000 mAh (miliampere-hours) or more.

For our selection, we chose external batteries with comfortable power. At least twice the average of our smartphone batteries.

Adata 20000D Powerbank

Adata 20000d

The 20000D Powerbank from the Taiwanese company Adata offers a very high capacity of 20,000 mAh, making it one of the most enduring models on the market. It also offers fast charging and has a handy screen that provides access to information such as the remaining battery capacity.

  • Capacity : 20.000 mAh
  • Cut : 160,3 x 80 x 20,3 mm
  • Weight : 300 g
  • Price : 33 euros

Anker Powercore Slim

Anker Powercore Slim

This removable battery is particularly distinguished by the delicacy of its curves. With its 10,000 mAh capacity, it can efficiently charge your smartphone via one of its two micro USB and USB-C ports. All of this is accelerated by Anker’s VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies that deliver fast charging.

  • Capacity : 10 000 mAh
  • Cut : 14,9 cm x 6,8 cm x 1,47 cm
  • Weight: 209 grams
  • Price : 26 euros

Luvfun Power Bank

Luvfun Power Bank

Composed of lithium polymer, this battery also has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. This allows it, for example, to fully charge an iPad Air twice. Equipped with a dual USB output, it is also capable of charging two devices simultaneously. Thanks to its indicator lights, it is also easy to check the state of charge.

  • Capacity : 10 000 mAh
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Price : 15 euros

Charmast 26800 mAh

Thanks to this external battery, it is possible to charge 4 devices, via a USB-C port and 3 USB-A inputs. With its capacity of 15,800 mAh, it is able to charge smartphones as well as MacBooks and even the Nintendo Switch.

    • Capacity : 26.800 mAh
    • Cut : 3.7 × 7.75 × 0.55 inch
    • Weight : 408 g
    • Price : 40 euros

Aukey Power Bank

Aukey Power Bank

This model will appeal to small purses who still want to benefit from a powerful and compact product. Aukey’s power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh and can charge two devices at the same time. Its AiPower technology also allows faster recharging.

  • Capacity : 10 000 mAh
  • Cut : 91 x 63 x 22 mm
  • Weight : 180 grams
  • Price : 16 euros

Zendure A5

zendure a5

The Zendure A5 has qualities that others do not necessarily have: very good impact resistance and a battery that keeps the charge for a very long time (95% after six months without use). It also provides with its 16,750 mAh enough to charge all its devices many times, via its two USB ports and its micro-USB port. It is also possible to recharge the external battery while charging a smartphone for example.

  • Capacity : 16.750 mAh
  • Cut : 127 x 73 x 23 mm
  • Weight : 322 g
  • Price : 69 euros

Xiaomi Mi Power 3 Pro

Mi Power Bank 3

With its impressive capacity of 20,000 mAh and its three USB connectors, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro is a great ally for recharging your devices. Its power allows it to fully charge a Nintendo Switch four times. The flip side? Its very imposing size which is not practical for nomadic use.

  • Capacity : 20 000 mAh
  • Cut : 153,5 × 73,5 × 27,5 mm
  • Weight : 400 g
  • Price : 46 euros

These seven external batteries are not made for the same use: very powerful to run absolutely everything? Very small to have an extra charge during a festival? Fit for a Macbook for travel? The choice is obviously yours, but beware of the very variable prices depending on the model.

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