The best class Warzone K31 Switzerland: accessories, assets

The K31 Switzerland ranks among the best sniper rifles in Season 6 Warzone. So if you want to eliminate your opponents at a stroke from a long distance, discover the assets and accessories that you absolutely must equip.

Warzone Season 6 didn’t make any significant weapon meta changes, so many of the more powerful weapons remained popular.

And among all these weapons, the K31 Switzerland from Black Ops Cold War remained an extremely viable choice.

With fast attack speed, quick fire time, and quick mobility, the K31 Switzerland is any aggressive sniper’s dream. With the latest Season 6 update, this sniper rifle’s recoil has been adjusted, making it now a better choice than the Kar98k.

Find out are the accessories and assets that you must equip on the K31 Switzerland for Season 6 of Warzone.

The best class of the Swiss K31 on Warzone

K31 Switzerland Warzone

Here are the best accessories for the K31 Switzerland in Warzone.

The best accessories of the K31 Switzerland

  • Mouth : GRU silencer
  • Canon : Team Tiger 24.9
  • Crosse : Raider stock
  • Rear handle : Elastic coating of airborne troops
  • Munitions : 7 cartridges

In addition to silencing your shots, the GRU Silencer offers a lot of benefits including improved range and damage.

The Team Tiger 24.9 cannon, on the other hand, improves the speed of your balls, which is important for quickly eliminating your opponents at long range.

The Raider stock increases ADS speed which, combined with the Elastic coating of airborne troops, dramatically speeds up your gameplay as a sniper.

And to finish, the magazine of 7 Cartridges which will allow you to be a little more generous when you shoot.K31 swiss class warzone accessories

The Swiss K31 took a while to adapt but is now the best sniper to use on Warzone.

The best assets for the Swiss K31 class

  • Asset 1: No race – The No Run perk will increase your tactical sprint time, which will allow you to move around the map faster. The speed for crouching is also increased by 30%.
  • Asset 2 : Overarm / Phantom – To do this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overarm for the first supply drop purchased, then Ghost for the second.
  • Asset 3 : Boost – The speed of transition between your weapons is faster, as is the launch of your grenades.

And now you know everything about the K31 Switzerland. We advise you to combine this sniper rifle with a submachine gun such as the MAC-10 or the Bullfrog in order to be competitive at close range as well.


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