The best class of the MG42 on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard takes the Call of Duty franchise back to its WWII roots. Among the weapons available is the MG42 machine gun. Find out its best class to dominate your opponents on Vanguard.

The MG42 is a famous WWII weapon. This German-made submachine gun has an excellent rate of fire and great precision, which makes it a formidable weapon in multiplayer.

The MG42 is also powerful but heavy. The 125 round magazines will allow you to shoot without stopping. To reduce its recoil and increase its handling, we have chosen several accessories to maximize its potential on Vanguard.

CoD Vanguard MG42 stats

The best class of the MG42 on CoD: Vanguard


A preview of the MG42 weapon without accessories on Vanguard.

The best accessories

Site name
Mouth G28 compensator
Canon Krausnick 450 mm B42MG
Telescope Player choice
Crosse Skeletal RVD
Cannon accessory Carver handle
Ammunition type Elongated
Rear handle Fabric handle
Expertise Firm grip
Kit Apnea

Vanguard’s class creation gets players into a real puzzle with 10 different accessories to equip on a weapon. The most important thing for the MG42 is to decrease recoil when firing. The G28 compensator, the skeletal VDD stock and the Carver grip will take care of it!

The Krausnick 450 mm B42MG cannon you provides extra precision while increasing damage range and bullet speed. The small loss in rate of fire is not a problem as the base speed is high. With the cloth grip we are going to improve the aiming speed of the weapon returning to its original point, which is excellent.

For the sight, the most practical is the Slate Deflector but some scopes improve the aiming time, which can be interesting. With extended ammunition, the speed of the bullets will be increased.

For the last two slots, we have chosen “Firm grip” and “Availability”. The first asset in the expertise category, increases accuracy when firing continuously. The second improves the dexterity of the equipment after using it.

The best assets

The trump Ghost is ideal for sneaking around the map. Very useful when you have a machine gun that is already making a lot of noise.

Radar will allow you to have an advantage over your enemies who shoot without silencer. You know their position on your minimap, all you have to do is surprise them!

At last, Lightweight is an asset that you use constantly. You can move around the map faster despite your fairly heavy weapon.

The best secondary weapons

the automatic pistol will be useful for close quarters combat. It is the most powerful in its class and has a hellish rate of fire with 10 rounds in the magazine. It is nevertheless necessary to attenuate its recoil with accessories.

The best equipment

The thermite is an explosive that sticks to surfaces and burns intensely for a short time after impact. It annoys enemies who camp in corners very well and creates panic in the middle of a group of opponents.

the stimulant is essential on Vanguard. It regenerates your health as well as the tactical sprint cooldown.

How to play with the MG42 on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard MG42 best class

The MG42 in play on CoD: Vanguard.

The MG42 is more of a mid-range submachine gun, so favor long-range gameplay that is almost sniper-like. Its damage is more than enough to defeat your enemies from tens of meters but also melee thanks to its phenomenal rate of fire.

Its firepower is also a major asset of the weapon, a few bullets will suffice to eliminate an opponent. Finally, your weak point remains your mobility, which is partially improved with the featherweight advantage, and the reload time which is quite long.

You now have all the keys in hand to wreak havoc with the best class MG42.

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