The best class of the DP27 on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard takes the Call of Duty franchise back to its WWII roots. Among the weapons available is the DP27 machine gun. Find out its best class to dominate your opponents on Vanguard.

The DP27 is a weapon that many gamers are familiar with from previous WWII games. This weapon is even often called the “pizza weapon” because of its drum magazine which is located on the top.

This weapon is able to take out opponents in just three bullets at most distances.

DP27 Vanguard Statistics

The best class of the DP27 on CoD: Vanguard

DP27 Vanguard

The best accessories

Site name
Mouth G28 compensator
Canon Kovalevskaya 604 MM
Telescope Player choice
Crosse Zac S2M
Cannon accessory Mark VI Skeleton
Ammunition type Elongated
Rear handle Rough grip
Expertise Sleight of hand
Kit Fully loaded

The G28 Compensator gives the DP27 better recoil control, which is necessary because its rate of fire is surprisingly fast for a machine gun.

ZAC S2M attachments, Rough Grip, and Skeletal Mark VI improve the DP27’s firing speed, which is essential in order to make this weapon viable.

Extended ammunition and the Kovalevskaya 604 MM cannon meanwhile increase the speed of the bullets, which allows you to eliminate your opponents much more easily.

Sleight of hand is mandatory with this weapon, because you will often need to reload.

And finally, Fully loaded will ensure you never run out of ammo. You can therefore chain the eliminations in order to obtain your killstreaks in peace.

The best assets

The trump Ghost is ideal for moving stealthily on the map. It also prevents you from being spotted by enemy drones which swarm in the public area.

Radar will allow you to have an advantage over your enemies who shoot without silencer. You know their position on your minimap, all you have to do is surprise them!

At last, No race is an almost indispensable asset on Vanguard. You need to be keen and move around the map more easily.

The best secondary weapons

The 1911 is a versatile and precise semi-automatic pistol that deals high damage at close to medium range.

The best equipment

  • MK2 Frag Grenade
  • Stimulant

There aren’t many effective grenades available at the start of Beta. The fragmentation grenade will do the trick. Maybe effective in objective game modes.

The stimulant is however essential on Vanguard. It regenerates your health as well as the tactical sprint cooldown.

How to play with the DP27 on CoD: Vanguard


The DP27 in play on CoD: Vanguard.

Even if the DP27 has a little recoil to master, its rate of fire as well as its damage make this machine gun a relatively interesting weapon to use on Vanguard.

Fearsome at medium and long distance, the DP27 will allow you to be a real threat on open maps where you can easily eliminate opponents in the open. In addition, due to its large base charger, you will be able to chain kills easily without having to reload.

You now have all the keys in hand to wreak havoc with the best class of the DP27.

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