The August Update For Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Program Has Been Completed

Only just a week passed, after the initial rollout had started, the much anticipated Google’s Broad Core Algorithm program has eventually completed its course. It was only last week that, Google tweeted out saying that they’ll be releasing another update in the month of August, in order to improve their services.

This said update is said to be perfectly aligning with the update routines, that Google tries to follow and implement many times in a year. These updates are released to improve Google’s search results – where some updates focus on improving specific ones, while other updates bring some big changes.

This type of updates was also released by Google, back in March and April as well. Google said that regarding these two updates, there has been no change in its advice for webmasters. This shows that the updates were not really that much significant, compared to that of what Google brought out in August.

Google has clarified that with each update that they push through, one or the other websites out there on the internet, will experience either increase or decrease in the amount of traffic being redirected. This might be a concern for some websites out there which was doing so well with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation of Google.

But, for sites which were not doing so well, Google said it will be rewarding for them. This update will now put them on the middle of the radar, and they’ll see gains from now on. This is why you need the help of various top SEO Companies to improve your website rankings on Google’s search result page.

For sites, which will notice a drop in their traffic and overall search results performance, Google said that there is no such known fixes for them.

Google advised such websites to continue delivering on their great content, and they’ll ultimately see their website flourishing again. Putting extra great content will push the website’s performance more, in relative to other websites.

It is being said that, this August update is one of the most significant updates, released by Google. It mostly focuses more on the organic reach of the websites, with the help of better and interesting content.

This update will indeed now start to promote websites that were just not so much looked upon by users before. They were just undervalued, even though the content was great. Now, it will all be changed. Also, Google advised the webmasters of those websites in particular, to search for new ways to create their new content. This will really help in improving the overall site traffic and also the website’s SEO performance as well.


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