The 10 Best Carnival Ride Ideas For Minecraft

The 10 Best Carnival Ride Ideas For Minecraft:

Most of the time, you’ll be thinking about how to stay alive as you move through the Minecraft world. But this can take a long time, that can make the game slow and boring.

You can use your imagination and try out different builds to make the game more interesting. So, here are the 10 best ideas, builds, as well as designs for funfair rides that you can are using in your Minecraft games.

When it comes to coming up with great ideas for designs, Minecraft players are crazy. The most amazing things that has happened is that many park designs have been made that are both beautiful and useful. Players can plan these parks as well as make the best use of the space they have.

Cars With Bumpers:

Bumper cars are a fun ride where people can crash into each other. Make a small arena with walls and cars that players could indeed drive. Make the surface of the arena out of Cyan Terracotta as well as add lights to it. You can even use ice blocks to make the surface, which also works.


The carousel is another ride that you can find at any funfair.

It can be built with the help of horses or other mobs that can be ridden, like llamas. You can use a Redstone mechanism to make the ride spin, and you’re able to even add music to make it more fun.

Mighty Park Of Fun:

A fun park isn’t going to be enjoyable if it doesn’t have any rides. So, if you want to make a great amusement park, you should have both exciting rides like roller coasters as well as cart-go and simple rides like a seesaw.

Make bright areas and gardens in the park, in addition to rides and swings, to give it a cool vibe. In this way, the game lets you use different kinds of bricks and tiles.

Tower Drop:

One of the most exciting rides you could indeed build in Minecraft is a drop tower. Put some Sticky Pistons on a flat surface as well as some red blocks in the middle to construct the tower’s structure.

Make sure you put Slime cubes on top of the Stick Pistons to make a way for them to hang. Utilize Stone pressure plates to set off the system, as well as your ride is ready to go.

Ferris Wheel:

The classic Ferris Wheel is an important part of any funfair. Using iron bars as well as glass panes, you can build it in Minecraft. You may utilize the Redstone mechanism to turn the ride and, if you want, add some lights to make the place feel more festive.

Water Park:

Starting with the basics, that in this case would involve fun water rides as well as pools, a stylish pool with blue tiles as well as a clear outline would look pretty cool. Aside from that, water slides as well as roller coasters will match this theme perfectly.

If you want to build a water house, you are able to do so by putting a high top on top of several slides and connecting them. Use some beautiful lamps to keep it bright. This idea has a lot going for it, so check it out.

Go-Kart Track:

Build a go-kart track out of minecart tracks as well as powered rails, and use banners or wool to decorate the karts. For a fun as well as competitive race, add power-ups such as speed boosts or item boxes.

Roller Coaster:

Even though building a roller coaster may be hard work, it is worth it. Put down a few oak wood planks to make the frame of the building, and then put the powered rail on top of that. You also can add water slides to make it easy to get back to the start.

Playgrounds With A Lot Of Color:

There are many tools you can use when building rides. Make swings as well as monkey bars out of bricks as well as other concrete parts. And because the playground should look like a place to play, use as much color as you can to make it fun.

A Large Theme Park:

You can put in small things like carousels and big things like water slides. We all know that theme parks aren’t complete without a Ferris Wheel, so get one for yours as well.

Lastly, try to make a nice gate as well as colour scheme for the entrance. After all, each path in Minecraft should be different.


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