Tesla to open restaurants in its charging stations

To improve the reception of its customers in its charging centers, Tesla plans to offer them something to eat. Bars, restaurants, self-services… the stations will be enhanced with catering services in the future. Cinemas and hotels will also be there.

Elon Musk has no shortage of ideas to appeal to consumers. His latest? Improve the reception of its customers in the brand’s charging stations. To do this, he intends to expand them by adding dining and entertainment venues. It was Reddit users who revealed this new strategy on the TeslaMotors forum. Tesla has actually just filed a trademark with UPSTO, the US Patent and Trademark Office.

On the official website of the institution, we can see that the acronym Tesla may in the future “Cover the categories of catering, pop-up catering, self-service catering and take-out catering”. It is also indicated that the Tesla logo may also designate accommodation structures. This suggests that the manufacturer intends to open hotels in the future at its resorts for travelers exhausted by their trip.

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Tesla: it will be possible to go to the movies in the future SuperCharger in Santa Monica

The filing of this patent is in any case not surprising. Elon Musk had already assured in the past that he intended to build real entertainment complexes around Tesla charging stations. A major SuperCharger is also about to be launched in California.

62 users will be able to simultaneously recharge their vehicle. And to pass the time while recharging, they will have the opportunity to have a bite to eat in a “dinner”-style restaurant. And that’s not all. They will also be able to watch a good film in the cinema installed outside. Specially designed parking for the Cybertruck will also be provided in this large SuperCharger located in Santa Monica.

In the rest of the news related to the manufacturer, be aware that the Tesla Autopilot may be banned in California in the future.



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