Tesla: Superchargers will be open to other brands from 2021

Owners of electric vehicles will be able to use certain Tesla Superchargers by the end of 2021. The CEO of the American firm, Elon Musk, revealed on Twitter that the company is finally opening its network recharging sites, without specifying which ones.

Supercharger Tesla
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Without giving a precise date, Elon Musk has long been talking about making its network of charging sites one day Tesla, the Superchargeurs, accessible to other electric cars. VEB owners of competing brands will be delighted to hear that this day is soon upon us. Indeed, the CEO of the Palo Alto firm has just indicated that “ some »Tesla superchargers will finally be open to other vehicles, starting this year.

A network of 25,000 terminals spread over more than 2,700 stations

With the arrival of new regulations on circulation of the most polluting vehicles, automakers are increasingly looking to focus on electrics. Except that the current infrastructure is not yet perfect.

By confirming the opening of Tesla Superchargers to other brands, Elon Musk has just opened the tap: the other manufacturers will be able to have a network of 25,000 terminals, spread over more than 2,700 charging sites, from this year. A game of poker for Tesla, which not only is talking about it once again, but which also risks generating significant profits by charging these recharges to other manufacturers.

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On the other hand, opening up the network to other companies will not be so simple, because Tesla uses a proprietary connector. At least in North America. Before starting, it will be necessary to make sure that the stations will work with all the brands and that the software part is compatible. The transition should be easier here in Europe, where the automaker already uses standard CCS connectors.

Elon Musk unfortunately did not provide more details with his tweet. So we don’t know yet which Superchargers will be accessible first on other vehicles. He said, however, that the network would open up to other brands in all of the countries he sells his cars to and over time. This gives it time to open restaurants in its charging stations.


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