Tesla: Elon Musk lied about the AutoPilot, 100% autonomous driving is far from ready

Businessman Elon Musk is once again accused of lying to his Tesla company and its customers. If he had claimed that the 100% autonomous driving of his electric cars would be ready in 2021, an internal document reveals that this would in fact not be the case at all. The functionality would actually only be at stage 2 of 5.

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L’AutoPilot electric cars Tesla, not yet developed? Despite Elon Musk’s words, it does appear to be the case. If the businessman had assured that his vehicles would be independent and autonomous by the end of 2021, a document internal to the company – the summary of a meeting that would have taken place in early March – and published on PlainSite reveals that this is actually not the case.

Elon Musk, too optimistic about the development of AutoPilot?

In a document circulated internally and then shared online, CJ Moore – the director in charge of AutoPilot – and the California auto agency claim that Elon Musk’s claims on AutoPilot were all exaggerated. In particular, those concerning the autonomous driving of electric vehicles. Because if the businessman had said that the brand would be ready to market 100% autonomous vehicles by the start of the year, the reality would be quite different.

Indeed, l’AutoPilot would in fact than at stage 2 of 5. The last stage is obviously the total autonomy of the vehicle when this feature is engaged. Today, AutoPilot only allows you to change lanes on a highway and adjust the vehicle’s speed to that of another car.

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In the same way, The Tesla AutoPilot still requires the attention of the driver. In other words, this feature is not ready and it certainly will not be by the end of the year. Elon Musk will have thus and once again greatly exaggerated his forecasts. More than an omission, a lie experienced by some members of the company.

The AutoPilot is currently in an active testing phase. In fact, around 800 Tesla vehicles are currently taking part in testing, with more than 90% of the cars owned by company employees. As a reminder, the AutoPilot is also regularly involved in accidents. Recently, Tesla’s functionality caused a terrible accident, which resulted in two deaths.



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