Tesla: Autopilot is effective in avoiding certain accidents (videos)

While a videographer was testing Tesla’s latest 100% autonomous driving beta, a young pedestrian suddenly crossed the road. But the system detected its presence and the car stopped on its own in time.

Tesla: Autipilot saves a child

Tesla’s autonomous driving is often criticized for the risks it poses to others. Elon Musk’s company is thus regularly in the eye of the storm, as last March when a Model 3 under Autopilot struck a police car. In any case, 100% autonomous driving can also turn into a devilishly effective preventive tool. Proof of this is in two sequences from the videographer WholeMarsBlog filmed across the Atlantic.

While testing Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 9, a child suddenly crossed the road. A practice (unfortunately too widespread) which can cause very serious accidents. However, the driver did not even have to regain control of the vehicle. And for good reason, the latter stopped automatically, having detected the presence of the reckless young pedestrian.

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Tesla: 100% autonomous driving takes a long time to develop

What’s more, the Autopilot also shone in another streak where the blogger was driving leisurely. Until the moment when a motorist abruptly left his car. And to cross the road without even making sure that the way was clear. Once again, the Tesla sensed his presence and stopped before hitting him. Note that these two sequences do not seem natural. The young pedestrian and the motorist getting out of his car are probably the blogger’s accomplices.

However, this does not detract from the effectiveness of the Autopilot demonstrated in the two videos. On Twitter, WholeMarsBlog was quick to share them. The opportunity to praise this welcome feature of Autopilot which will activate even when driving is manual. “Imagine how many lives it will save over the decades when it is incorporated into every new car manufactured”, he anticipates with enthusiasm.

The 100% Autonomous Driving Beta 9 launched on July 9 to 2,000 users. However, it remains to be seen when the FSD in its final version will be deployed on a larger scale. Let it be said, 100% autonomous driving in Tesla style is far from being completely finalized. And this despite the multiple promises of Elon Musk who ensures each year that she will land shortly.


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