Tayc (Dance with the stars) and Fauve Hautot very close behind the scenes!

The famous singer Tayc seems to get along very well with his partner, Fauve Hautot, on the floor of “Dance with the stars”.

In recent weeks, Tayc has been wreaking havoc on the show “Dance with the stars”, alongside of his partner Fauve Hautot. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

How did Tayc end up in “Dancing with the Stars”?

You know him for his songs. However, in recent weeks, Tayc is on your TV screens, when you put the 1, on Friday evening. But how did he end up in “Dancing with the stars”?

Questioned by our colleagues from Figaro, he explains : « The production had seen my performance at the NRJ Music Awards and found it interesting that I could show what I was capable of on the “Dancing with the Stars” floor. “.

Many reasons pushed the singer to accept the proposal of TF1. First of all, he says that “Dance with the stars” is his mother’s favorite show. But that’s not all.

“I also wish send a message to children which is to believe as much as possible in their dreams and for parents to trust their child. In addition, I am at a stage in my career where many do not know me and I want to take a step forward. “, adds Tayc.

And the singer was right to try the adventure. As proof, during the last episode, he collected the 4 buzzers of the jury and was thus able to spend the evening safe from danger. Something tells us that he will soon be idolized, and not just for his music. MCE TV tells you more about Tayc’s participation in “Dancing with the Stars”.

A duo at the top

At the last bounty, the singer was very happy with his performance with Fauve Hautot. He could not help but post a message via his social networks.

“4 BUZZ for Fauve and me tonight!” Then 4 times more want to give you everything… Thank you from the bottom of Fauve Hautot’s heart. You’re the best ! “, he wrote.

So you will understand, Tayc and Fauve Hautot get along wonderfully. This is also why they manage to progress so quickly. Not long ago, the interpreter of Promised sworn did not hesitate to say more about their way of working, in “Dancing with the stars”.

“She looks like me a lot, she has a great harshness in her way of being and imposes a great rigor on herself. She’s like a teacher who expects a lot from you, she doesn’t you don’t even need to get upset, you feel the energy. What it gives off. She has a big urge to blow everything up and makes me feel it. But she is very educational and in a good mood. “, reports our colleagues from TV-Leisure.

Tayc clarified that their duo also functioned physically: « She doesn’t hesitate to tell me to come closer, to touch her… But it’s professional, it’s quiet, we are adults. She liked it very much that I did no shame in looking her in the eye to create something. It’s super fluid between us. ».

It only remains for us to wish Tayc and Fauve Hautot to go as far as possible in the program “Dance with the Stars”! To find out, go to every Friday at 9:05 p.m., on TF1.