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Tapbots launches Ivory, its app for Mastodon after the disappearance of Tweetbot

Tapbots, which edited Tweetbot as a Twitter client, now offers Ivory, a new application for the Mastodon social network. It is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Ivory Application iPhone

The first tests took place last November. Only a few places were available. Recently, Twitter banned Twitter clients and thus Tweetbot. Tapbots therefore has more time to take care of Ivory, which explains the availability today and the upcoming arrival of new products.

Ivory has a Tweetbot-like visual, offering the same general interface with tabs for a timeline view on the homepage, mentions, notifications, profile, lists and more. Users who have been able to take advantage of Tweetbot will therefore not be out of place.

Support for multiple accounts, content warnings, muting, and polling, plus bookmarks, trends, message stats, GIF access, and local timeline display options and international are also available. There are also several icons and some themes.

To date, Ivory is not as complete as Tweetbot, but the developers will do what is necessary to improve the experience. A roadmap is also available on the Tapbots site, showing that profile and message editing will see the light of day, as will better support for hashtags, a better tab for notifications and more.

Ivory is available for free on the App Store. Note that the free version only offers a read-only mode experience. Those who want the full version have to pay €1.99/month or €17/year.


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