Switch Pro: Nintendo of America’s boss evasive about the console’s potential arrival

The boss of Nintendo of America spoke in the columns of the Washington Post. He was obviously asked about the arrival of a new iteration of the Nintendo Switch. End of communication, he dodged the question brilliantly. Selected pieces.

Nintendo Switch Pro

A persistent rumor suggested that Nintendo would unveil the Switch Pro on June 3. False alert since Big N has remained silent about it, disappointing many players. Which then hoped to learn more at E3. Nintendo, however, was content to present the new games coming to the current Switch. Without having a word on what would be called the Switch Pro, a 4K machine with an OLED display and 128 GB of internal storage, according to the latest leaks.

In doing so, can we hope that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be available at the start of the next school year, as Bloomberg claims? Nothing less certain if one relies on the last statements of Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America. Asked about this by The Washington Post, he indicated that the Switch was doing very well and that a new console would be announced when the time came. According to the leader, it is indeed useless to launch a new iteration as long as the current technology is not yet exploited to the maximum.

The Switch Pro could still take a while to come out

“We’re always looking to explore how technology can improve gaming experiences. It’s not about creating technology to create technology. But rather to ensure that the latter makes the gaming experience much better. It is then a question of knowing where to apply this new technology ”, says Doug Bowser.

And to remain evasive about the arrival of a new console: “Should this new technology be applied to current consoles?” Or is it better to wait for a new platform to arrive? ” According to him, there is a “Multitude of factors that come into play” and this is precisely a question that Big N is asking ” non-stop “.

You will understand, Doug Bowser did not sell the wick, preferring to highlight the slew of games to come on Switch, proof of the good health of the current console. To hear from the Switch Pro, you will have to come back.



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