Surprise: Overwatch 2’s PVP will be free-to-play this fall

We knew that Blizzard was looking to accelerate the release of Overwatch 2but not to this extent: le Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was the occasion for the studio to reveal that its competitive FPS will be available October 4… et en free-to-play.

It’s a definite paradigm shift for mining Overwatchwhose first opus was sold at full price, but this should undoubtedly help to relaunch a certain dynamic in the population of playersnot to mention the novelty effect of this sequel which intends to upset a lot the basics of the gameto start with 10 player games instead of 12.

And we feel that it was not planned like this: while Blizzard promised that Overwatch owners can play to the multiplayer mode of the 2 without additional cost, the presence of the title in its toy library will then take advantage a Founder’s Pack at the exit, containing 2 epic skins, an exclusive profile icon…and a “surprise” from Blizzard that will be announced later.

Quid the famous co-op mode which should also make it possible to take advantage of a narrative campaign 4 players? Still no news, but release the game in two stages was apparently the only way Blizzard found to release the title in an acceptable time window. Now we hope that the team of Aaron Keller will have found the time to refine le gameplay PVP from here October 4. We will surely know more June 16during the broadcast from a dedicated stream in the future of the license.

Oh, and Blizzard also took the opportunity to unveil a new heroine particularly expected by the community: Junker Queenbut we will have to wait a little longer to discover its kinematics in full.


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