A Supplier’s production schedule reveals approximate timing of iPhone 8 launch

iPhone 8 rumors simply refuse to go down. Every week we look at one, and then comes the next one. It has nearly been a week since we last reported about iPhone 8 release date, and now more information has come out to support what we said in that report. According to the production schedule of a California based company called Finisar, which will probably be supplying Apple with lasers that can be installed in iPhone 8, the public availability of iPhone may’ve slip to a month later than normal.

The lasers that Finisar builds are used for object recognition and depth mapping, both of which are critical for AR capabilities of next iPhone. The production schedule of Finisar suggests that a company will buy tens of millions of lasers from it later this year, sometime around the end of October. That company, as you may expect, be none other than Apple.

The bits of all this info were put together first of all by Axios. And according to this info while a late September launch for iPhone 8 is possible, public availability doesn’t look possible before late October – a delay of one month, which falls in line with our previous report.

But still, if you consider the kind of challenges that Cupertino based giant has faced to produce this 10th anniversary iPhone then this delay seems a minor one. Not only they’ve faced significant technical challenges to embed the fingerprint sensor in display, but also there have been rumors of supply constraints and some other issues as well. If despite these challenges Apple can make a power-packed iPhone 8 available exactly a month later than usual, it shouldn’t be disappointing. Big things often take time to happen!

There has been too much anticipation about iPhone 8, which marks the 10th anniversary of iPhones. The device is expected to come with an optical fingerprint sensor embedded in display and a stunning all-screen design.


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