Superman: Michael B. Jordan is hot to replace Henry Cavill on upcoming film

Michael B. Jordan will he be the next Superman? It’s possible. The actor wanted to respond to the many rumors that he would play the superhero in the upcoming reboot from the DC movie. For now, the Warner Bros. doesn’t plan to bring Henry Cavill back again, so anything is possible.

Michael B. Jordan Superman
Michael B. Jordan en Superman

Speaking to Jake’s Takes, Michael B. Jordan finally spoke about the rumors swelling about him. Indeed, it would appear that he is the first on the list of the Warner Bros. to play Superman in a future reboot of the film. The actor said he was flattered that his name was being considered for this role, but that he did not know anything about what was currently being decided at Warner.

Michael B. Jordan is hot to don the Superman costume

It looks like Henry Cavill’s time as Superman is over. In February, first rumors were that JJ Abrams was getting ready to remake a Superman movie for the Warner Bros., with prolific writer Ta-Nehisi Coates writing the screenplay. According to ScreenRant, Warner wouldn’t be ready to rehire Cavill for the role.

Also, rumors of late have indicated that the cast has yet to be decided on the film, hinting that a new actor could land in order to put on the red cape. Of all the speculations, this is Michael B. Jordan who topped the list of contenders. Yesterday, the actor wanted to respond to these rumors that he could take on this role.

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« I hear all of these rumors and stuff like that and honestly I take them all as a compliment. You know, I like people who think of me that way for this role. I really don’t have anything more to tell you about it other than that it’s just flattering and that I appreciate. But, you know, it doesn’t matter who they choose: in any case, it will be interesting to see He said in a recent interview.

In a second interview with Cinepop, Jordan insisted that he was not aware of what was going on with the reboot, but that he would love to see a black Superman on the big screen, a rumor that has been swelling for months already. ” I do not know. I don’t really know what’s going on, but I think everyone wants to see black people playing heroic roles. I think it’s really, really important. Representation is important! He hammered.

As to whether he will ultimately be chosen for the role, we’ll see. Meanwhile, internet users only want one thing: Ryan Reynolds to play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2.



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