Such a great sun: why will episodes be broadcast on Saturdays?

Episodes of “Un si grand soleil” will air on Saturdays. But why such a change? All the explanation below.

Yes, a few episodes of “Un si grand soleil” will be broadcast on Saturdays. But how is this possible? The editorial staff of MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Many unprogrammed episodes

You are aware that “Such a great sun” has been deprogrammed several times. Starting with Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Indeed, France 2 had preferred broadcast a political program, instead.

Internet users could not help butexpress their anger on social networks. “There must be 5 or 6 episodes late in” Such a great sun never caught up. “, had thus balanced one of them.

ā€œOk, I knew it was tonight but after my streak !! Definitely between 1 and 2, no luck !! So France 2, tomorrow, 2 soap operas Un si grand soleil because it is not the first time that you suck our series without catching up! “, then wrote a second.

“Fed up with suppressing each time our soap opera Un si grand soleil for your policy.” What do you think we’re doing? We zap! “, ” I do not find not well that this political program is essential, just as some follow their soap opera! “, could we also read. Well say so!

You will understand, fans of “Un si grand soleil” were waiting for the channel to make up for it. And they might well to have won the case. MCE TV tells you more about this in the rest of its article.

Why “Un si grand soleil” arrives on Saturday?

France 2 seems have taken into account the remarks Internet users. Indeed, the channel has planned to broadcast episodes of “Un si grand soleil” on Saturday. Yes, yes, you heard very well.

According to our colleagues from TV-Leisure, France 2 will broadcast a first episode Saturday December 11 at 8:45 p.m.. Likewise for Saturdays December 18, December 25 and January 1.

However, if you are busy on Saturdays and are afraid of forgetting the broadcast of episodes of “Un si grand soleil”, know that you can always go to the channel’s website and watch them in replay.

Anyway, we must not let go now, because the soap opera becomes very interesting. Indeed, many episodes will revolve around the death of Ariadne, found in a bathtub full of blood.

And some will think she did this on her own, others, on the other hand, will think that a third person helped her end her life. You will therefore need to have strong nerves to face horrific scenes like these. It will also be an opportunity for Ludo and NoĆ©mie’s relationship to evolve, in one direction or another.

And you, are you happy to find your characters from “Un si grand soleil”, on your screen, on Saturday? At MCE TV in any case, we applaud France 2’s desire to want to catch up. Case to be continued!


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