Such a great sun: Tristan remembers his argument with Laurent!

Tristan Chapuis is indeed the murderer of the Opera in Un si grand soleil. He remembers his argument with Laurent Viel that day.

The plot with Tristan Chapuis is coming to an end in Un si grand soleil. And she will have caused some damage. The director of the Opera is indeed Laurent Viel’s murderer. He will finally remember what he did.

A love triangle that ends badly

We remind you, Claudine and Clément know Tristan Chapuis very well in Un si grand soleil. The latter was Becker’s former friend but also Claudine’s former lover. He is the reason for their divorce over ten years ago.

When the latter was suspected of murdering his manager, he called on Claudine, a lawyer. And that was the start of the problems for Clément who was to marry Janet. But we learn in the spoiler episodes, that this will not be the case.

On D-Day, Becker will not come to the wedding. He will be far too busy saving Claudine who has just been kicked in baseball by Tristan Chapuis. Because yes, he is the murderer. But for the moment we are not there.

For the moment, Tristan Chapuis has just lodged a complaint against Becker. He told the prosecutor about their story. Which drives his ex-mistress mad with rage. So she decides not to defend him anymore and simply tells him to leave the place in A so great sun.

This story is then spreading. So she decides to go talk to her daughter, Sabine. As we recall, Sabine’s father is indeed Clément Becker. When she learns the truth, she doesn’t take it very well. The latter is very angry with her mother.

Such a great sun: Tristan remembers his argument with Laurent!
Such a great sun: Tristan remembers his argument with Laurent!

Such a great sun: Tristan Chapuis is the murderer

For his part, Clément sees the prosecutor storming into his office. He is furious that Becker hid his connection to the suspect and his lawyer from him! He therefore naturally decides to leave this business and therefore to withdraw wisely.

Claudine calls her ex-husband and apologizes for the complaint while promising him that she has nothing to do with it. Beck suspected it, he doesn’t blame him. He just hopes this whole thing won’t end times in Un si grand soleil.

He ends the discussion when Claudine confides in him that she still thinks about him a lot. Because he should normally marry Janet and is very much in love with her despite the situation! It’s nightfall that Tristan Chapuis has a revelation.

He is on the stage of the Opera, alone and gazes into the void. He then remembers his argument with Laurent Viel. And he remembers good to have pushed it over the catwalk. He is therefore the murderer of his colleague manager.

In a few episodes, Claudine will understand it. She will try to go and confront him. But everything is going to turn out badly. Fortunately, Becker will be there to save her and stop the killer. But his relationship could well suffer.

They do not tell you all ! We’ll have to watch the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.


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