Such a great sun: Thierry Valois fired from the police after his burr?

In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”, on France 2, Thierry Valois risks being dismissed from the police. Explanations.

Things get complicated for Thierry Valois, in your favorite soap opera “Un si grand soleil”. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

What did Thierry Valois do in “Un si grand soleil”?

As you probably know, Thierry Valois – in “Un si grand soleil” – is accused ofusing violence disproportionately on Abu, during his arrest.

We remind you that the young man got away with many injuries. But that’s not all. he is also stayed a few days in a coma. It is therefore not a matter to be taken lightly.

Akim, present that day, will eventually confess the truth about this arrest. And this, after many reversals of situation. Indeed, the latter hesitated for a long time before betraying Thierry Valois.

But, in the last episodes of “Un si grand soleil”, Abu also decided to tell the whole truth. Thus, he will tell that Thierry Valois tackled him to the ground and that he banged his head against the ground. As for the police officer, he will continue to assert that Abu hurt himself, trying to run away.

Things will therefore become more complicated for Thierry Valois. Indeed, he will find himself trapped. Aline will then estimate that the sergeant deserves a dismissal from the police. The latter will absolutely not understand how the roles were able to be reversed so quickly.

But it will not be the only one to ask questions, in “Un si grand soleil”. Akim will wonder if his colleague is playing a double game with him. Remains to know what Thierry Valois will become.

As far as Abu is concerned, he too will risk take a walk in jail. But not for the same reason! Indeed, the young migrant does not have a residence permit. He will therefore be accused of having entered French territory illegally. MCE TV tells you more.

Such a great sun: Thierry Valois fired from the police after his burr?

An old character returns to the series

If Thierry Valois loses speed, another character from “Un si grand soleil” is back in force. This is Eliott. Suffice to say that this has something to surprise. Indeed, fans haven’t seen him since last March. And yet!

“Eliott is back! And prosecutor Bernier has a very special mission for him… », is it written on the official Instagram account of “Un si grand soleil”. But what is this mission?

Eliott will be sent on a spy mission. The prosecutor will ask him to get hired as a switchboard operator in a porterage company.

This company is, in reality, suspected of money laundering and recruiting people linked to drug trafficking.

Even if Eliott will seem quite resentful at the idea of ​​embarking on this mission, Bernier will make him understand thathe doesn’t really have a choice. The other possibility is prison!

In order to find out what will happen to your favorite characters from “Un si grand soleil” (whether it be Abou, Thierry Valois, Akim or Eliott), the MCE TV editorial staff will meet you on France 2, Monday to Friday at 8:40 p.m..


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