Such a great sun: Serge is going to call a private detective?

The sequel to Un si grand soleil is likely to cause a stir among viewers. Serge would be ready to call in a private detective.

The next episodes ofSuch a great sun are likely to be rich in twists and turns. It seems like Serge is ready to call a private investigator to get his hands on his stolen files. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Please note that this article may contain SPOILERS.

Such a great sun the success of France 2

The soap war continues on French television channels. More beautiful life, Here everything begins, Tomorrow belongs to us. The soap operas are more and more numerous.

So much so that viewers sometimes don’t know where to turn. France 2 could not therefore be satisfied with sitting idly by in the face of the enthusiasm of the fans for this kind of achievement.

In 2018, the second channel then decided to embark on the adventure with Such a great sun. And the least we can say is thattoday she can boast of her success.

Every evening, the creation of Olivier Szulzynger, Eline Le Fur, Cristina Arellano and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta brings together more than 3 million faithful in front of the small screen.

A figure of size which proves that the series has nothing to envy its rivals. Quite the contrary. The reason ? The writers are working hard to have them amateurs in haleine thanks to repeated intrigues.

Lately, it is also the story of Thierry Valois that made the hearts of fans vibrate. Indeed, since young Abu came out of his coma, questions are piling up.

In particular on how the boy ended up in the hospital. And if the policeman has long been protected, it seems that his colleague has finally made the decision to tell the truth.

His revelations will then have terrible consequences on the future of the police officer. And that’s not all ! Lucille was also determined to continue her investigation into Such a great sun.

Serge ready to call a detective

But while Thierry Valois seemed to want revenge Akim, another story is gaining momentum in Such a great sun. Serge seems to question Camille’s words.

So, he asks her to explain to him what could have happened. happen on the evening of the burglary. The young girl then asserts that she has no idea and that her father will eventually solve this case.

For his part, Manu is more and more convinced that Laetitia’s boyfriend is hiding certain elements related to the investigation. Unfortunately, he does not have the power to fight against the lawyer.

Moreover, even Becker will ask him to calm down so as not to risk attracting the wrath of the lawyers. He will even end up announcing to his daughter that he does not intend to give their all in this issue.

Words that will surely make the teenage girl angry. And that’s not all ! Meanwhile, Serge Levars will hire a private detective.

And this, in order to recover what was stolen from him. One thing is certain is that the next episodes ofSuch a great sun risk make a splash with fans. To be continued…