Such a great sun: Sam is coming back for Alicia’s happiness?

The sequel to Un si grand soleil is likely to cause a sensation among aficionados. Sam will notably make his comeback in the series.

The next episode ofSuch a great sun promises to be rich in twists and turns. It looks like viewers are about to meet Sam. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

The intrigues are linked in Un si grand soleil

It has been several years now thatSuch a great sun delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! The intrigues are linked brilliantly in the France 2 series.

Eh yes ! The writers seem to be working hard to keep aficionados going. And the least we can say is that life in Montpellier is more and more exciting.

While that viewers don’t have time to be bored. Every night of the week, the stories are unanimous on the second French channel.

Moreover, the popularity rating of the soap continues to increase. With each new episode, the creation of Olivier Szulzynger, Eline Le Fur, Cristina Arellano and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta brings together more than 3 million faithful.

A figure of size which proves that the series Such a great sun has nothing to envy its rivals. Quite the contrary. However, competition is tough in the field soaps.

Among More beautiful life, Here it all begins or Tomorrow belongs to us, fans of the genre sometimes do not know where to turn.

But do not panic ! France 2 has things in hand. Moreover, the success of the series is such that the city of Montpellier even made the decision to organize a tourist route in the footsteps of the filming.

« From Peyrou Park to the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle through the medical school or even the small alleys of the Escutcheon. ”

So many places aficionados can now visit according to information posted online by Midi-Free. MCE TV tells you more!

Such a great sun: Sam is coming back for Alicia's happiness?
Such a great sun: Sam is coming back for Alicia’s happiness?

Sam back in Montpellier

So you will understand, Such a great sun unanimously on the small screen. And for a very simple reason. The stories are incredibly addictive.

Moreover, the next episode of the series is likely to cause a sensation among viewers. The reason ? Sam is about to make his comeback. To Alicia’s greatest happiness.

Indeed, while the latter will have a discussion with Gaspard, his daughter is indeed going to land. And the least we can say is that the former businesswoman will be happier than ever to find her little one.

For his part, the teenager of the house will be in turmoil. Eh yes ! He will lose a considerable amount of money because of the stock market.

Willing to do anything to recover a little nest egg, he will then start selling business. Including a helmet to Kira. Bad luck, Camille’s best friend does not want it.

The mission therefore risks being perilous for Gaspard who is increasingly worried about his financial situation. It remains to be seen how things will end up working out for the young man.

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the continuation ofSuch a great sun is eagerly awaited by fans. To be continued…