Such a great sun: Ludo will soon experience big “pressure surges”!

The sequel to Un si grand soleil is likely to cause a stir among viewers. Ludo will in particular face many problems.

The next episodes ofSuch a great sun are likely to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, it seems that Ludo is about to live huge “Pressure shots”. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

The intrigues are linked in Un si grand soleil

Since 2018, Such a great sun thrills viewers on France 2. Yes! The creation of Olivier Szulzynger, Eline Le Fur, Cristina Arellano and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta makes unanimity on the small screen.

And this, for the simple reason that the writers make live adventures out of the ordinary to the protagonists. Life in Montpellier is therefore exciting. To the delight of aficionados.

Lately, fans of the series were also not at the end of their surprises with the various adventures. Indeed, the intrigues are still so numerous to punctuate the episodes ofSuch a great sun.

And the least we can say is that some characters are in bad shape. Driss is also back in prison. Yasmine’s son can’t seem to get off the hook.

But while he asked his fellow inmate to provide him with his daily dose, the young man ended up changing cells. Now Anissa’s brother therefore shares his “room” with Erwan.

For his part, Elisabeth manages her son’s business as best she can. Since his return from Guyana, things seem quite complicated for Julien’s mother.

But that’s not all ! Ludo seems to have a lot of problems. Indeed, his girlfriend has just discovered that he was hiding a terrible secret.

Convinced that he is cheating on her, So she didn’t hesitate to turn her back on him. The young man then risks living dark days. MCE TV tells you more about the main character ofSuch a great sun !

Ludo on the brink

Folco Marchi, the interpreter of Ludo in Such a great sun, then confided in the future of his character in an interview for TV-Leisure. And the least we can say is that this last risk to go through a difficult period.

“Ludo is already quite in trouble, he realized thatAriane was Noémie’s mother. His entire escort past risks losing him a young woman he loves dearly, who suits him and has everything to please him, she is somewhat his ideal. “

A delicate situation that promises to make a splash with viewers. Bad luck, this is not the only problem he will encounter.

“Ludo will experience several pressure strokes. (…) Ludo is going to have a rise in tension with this person who blackmails Alix’s clients. “

And to continue as follows: “Ludo, Alix and Joël will find themselves a bit like thugs in a wood to take stock. And Alix will brief them so that the police are not aware of anything. »

There is no need to say, the continuation ofSuch a great sun will surely appeal to aficionados. In any case, one thing is certain, is that Ludo has not finished suffering. So to follow… And very closely!


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