Such a great sun: Ludo must choose between Noémie or his activity!

In the sequel to Un si grand soleil: Ludo has to choose between Noémie and his work! We’ll give you more details.

In the continuation of the series Un si grand soleil, Ludo must make a choice between Noémie and her work! MCE TV tells you more.

Ludo must make a choice

The continuation of the series Un si grand soleil will not be easy for certain characters of the French soap opera. Indeed, the next episodes may even be very difficult.

Please note that the following paragraphs contain many spoilers. Indeed, we reveal to you what awaits you next from the series Un si grand soleil.

For the more curious, you have come to the right place! Noémie meets Alix to bring her some vegetables. The two young women are chatting and Noémie takes the opportunity to tell him that she found Ludo charming and very nice.

Alix confides in him that he is single and that in addition he seemed interested in her. Indeed, he devoured her with his eyes throughout the evening.

Alix then joins Ludo and tells him that she has made a number of appointments with him. Ludo reminds him that he still has a job at the zoo! And asks her if she thought about who was going to replace him. But Alix seems way too busy to think about that.

Later, Ludo receives a phone call from Noémie who offers him to go to the farm to collect vegetables. Once arrived, the young woman offers to stay for a drink. But he has to refuse since he already has an appointment with one of his clients.

Such a great sun: Ludo must choose between Noémie or his activity!

In the sequel to Un si grand soleil

In the sequel to the Un si grand soleil series, Ludo is invited to have a drink at Noémie’s. But the young man must decline the invitation because he has an appointment with a client.

The young healer is also very late. He hastens to retrieve his bicycle and leaves. At the end of the day, Ludo dines with Lucille at the roommate. He ends up with him tell that he met someone.

The young woman is very happy for her friend. But the latter knows that he will not be able to devote himself to this new story as long as he is an escort. Eh yes.

Lucille then tries to convince him to stop this activity. But the young man doesn’t really have a choice. Indeed, he promised Maryline to help him financially. This activity is therefore an important inflow of money for him.

Ludo therefore thinks that the only solution would be to forget Noémie! Will he get there? Or will he be able to find a solution to his problem? Only the future will tell us.

In the meantime, elsewhere in Un si grand soleil, Emy made the trip to Montpellier to attend her mother’s wedding! Janet is moreover very happy to find her daughter.

Emy then tries to find out where Clément intends to take his mother on her honeymoon. But without success ! They are then interrupted by Enzo who has come to recover his grandfather for his stag party. We can’t wait to discover the rest of the France 2 series! Case to follow.


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