Such a great sun: Johanna accuses Daumier of sexual harassment!

Johanna can’t take it anymore! Harassed since she rented her office to Richard Daumier in Un si grand soleil, she ended up filing a complaint!

Johanna will not let it go! While she has been waiting to sign the lease for her new firm for several weeks, Richard Daumier tries to take advantage of the situation… MCETV tells you about a huge turnaround in Un si grand soleil!

A complaint against Richard Daumier

Because since she left the office of her uncle, Guilhem, Johanna has struggled to move forward. She immediately found the walls of her future office, but the landlord is lagging behind. Unfortunately, she is that at the beginning of his (bad) surprises.

Richard Daunier indeed knows that the lawyer needs to start working. So he begins to make advances to her to try to take advantage of the situation. Corn Johanna does not dismantle, and threatens to file a complaint.

Certain to have the advantage in this situation, Daumier then advises him to show her nicer than that. Worse, he walked the talk and began to stroke the neck of the lawyer for Un si grand soleil… A very serious mistake.

She has no intention of letting him do it. Johanna pushes him away, and go immediately to file a complaint. She tells how Daunier behaves, shows the messages he sends her, and has them added to her complaint file.

While Sabine comes to pick her up, the lawyer begins to regret. She wonders so if this whole thing is not his fault. Such a bright sun therefore tackles a very important topic in the news: the guilt of the victims.

Many victims of harassment or rape end up feeling guilty. While they are only victims. Through Sabine’s words, the series therefore seeks to show them that nothing is their fault.

Faced with her confused friend, Sabine explains to her that she has not looked for what is happening to her. Daumier subjected him to odious sexual harassment, and he will pay for what he did.

Such a great sun: Johanna accuses Daumier of sexual harassment!
Such a great sun: Johanna accuses Daumier of sexual harassment!

Such a great sun: Daumier strikes back

Most the businessman has no desire to be attacked. While Élise receives him at the station to explain to him that Johanna has lodged a complaint, he lies to her shamefully! He argues that the lawyer started all this “little game” …

And he even adds that she dredged him up to get a discount on the rent. What audacity ! But the policewoman of Un si grand soleil does not let him lead the boat. She shows him as well screenshots of messages he sent to his tenant.

But here again, Daumier does not give up. He retorts that Johanna has started a game of seduction with him. But no one believes it. So he decides to go find his lawyer… who is none other than Johanna’s uncle.

The lawyer, whom his niece criticized for let her down when she was not well, should defend Daumier. But he learned from his mistakes. He knows when his niece is telling the truth in So Big Sun.

To the businessman’s surprise, he asks him to find another lawyer. Guilhem sided with Johanna. He also decides to tell him everything … And Florent joins the case: he goes defend Johanna to make Daumier pay.