Such a great sun: Joël will soon replace Ludo in his activity?

In the continuation of the series Un si grand soleil: Would Joël be ready to replace Ludo? We give you more details!

Coming soon in the Un si grand soleil series: Joël ready to replace Ludo? MCE TV tells you everything!

Will Joël be the next Ludo?

This new month which begins promises to be very emotional for the characters of the French series. Indeed, the sequel to Un si grand soleil promises us many twists and turns.

Attention, paragraphs that follow contain many spoilers. Indeed, we reveal to you what awaits you in the continuation of the series Un si grand soleil.

For the more curious, you have come to the right place! And it looks like Ludo would be ready to quit his escort activity for good!

As a reminder, the young man is an animal healer during the day and an escort boy at night. Recently, he met the pretty Noémie. But if he wants to give this budding love a chance, the handsome brunette has to make a choice. This is where her work.

A few months ago, Ludo found himself in a similar situation with Valentine. But the young man was deluding himself. The young lady never wanted a serious story.

But this time it’s different. And he might just have a chance with Noémie. Ludo therefore decides to stop his activity. Which doesn’t make Alix jump for joy. Corn the latter finally accepts.

The two then go on the hunt to find his replacement. Among the potential candidates, Joël seems very interested. Indeed, the young man needs money. And he likes to have intimate relationships with strangers. Bingo! Ludo and Alix are also certain of its potential.

Such a great sun: Joël will soon replace Ludo in his activity?

Elsewhere in So big a sun

In the sequel to Un si grand soleil, Joël is embarking on his new activity. The young man takes over from Ludo. Indeed, the latter decided not to be an escort anymore.

On the other hand, Yasmine, Anissa and Gerald are worried about Driss’s state of health. But Alain reassures them, the young man will survive. As a reminder the latter was stabbed in prison!

Yasmine then asks to see her son. But it is out of the question. Indeed, the young man is considered a detainee. It would therefore be necessary to make a request to the visiting room. Dylan on his side meets Antonin and informs him of what is happening.

Serge Levars meanwhile speaks with the director of the prison. This then evokes an attempted murder. But according to him, the prisoners are afraid to speak. Indeed, they fear reprisals! Without too much surprise.

It will therefore be necessary to question Driss to find out more. David, the invalidate will also reveal information to Yasmine that she did not expect! It is the least we can say.

He told her that the young man had a large amount of drugs in his blood! This revelation about Driss risks so upset the course of the plot. Eh yes.

The sequel to the Un si grand soleil series promises to be thrilling and full of twists and turns! Stay tuned, up close.


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