Such a great sun: Janet forced to cancel her marriage with Becker!

Will Janet and Becker’s wedding take place in So Big Sun? The answer is no. Clément is not going to show up on D-day.

Janet and Clément’s marriage screwed up in Un si grand soleil. We remind you, Becker cheated on his future wife with her ex, Claudine. But apparently the secret is too heavy for him. And it could be that he reveals everything to his sweetheart.

Such a great sun: Clément deceives Janet

For those who have not followed the last episodes of Un si grand soleil, Clément was cheating on Janet. Indeed, it all started with the plot around the murder in the Opera. Tristan Chapuis was implicated, and Becker knows him very well.

A little too much. He was his friend a decade ago. But, at the time, he was having an affair with his wife, Claudine. This deception was also the cause of their divorce. So when this man resurfaces in his life, nothing works.

Especially since he asked his former mistress to become his lawyer. Clément and Claudine were once again face to face. And Becker suffered so much from this breakup that he cracked and slept with her in a burst of passion.

But afterwards, the policeman blamed himself terribly. Because he’s engaged with Janet. The couple are even due to get married very soon. His future wife organizes everything and can not help but be very anxious to take the name of his beloved.

Clement decides not to tell Janet anything. He doesn’t want to hurt her. He thinks it wouldn’t help. But he can’t help but be very upset by his ex, Claudine. Who herself has many regrets in Such a great sun.

Will the wedding take place?

And apparently, the wedding is not going to take place in Such a bright sun at all. The big day has just arrived. But nothing is going to go as planned. Janet is sublime in her dress. She made a point of respecting the tradition and did not sleep with her future husband.

Clément receives a phone call from Claudine. to wish him the best for the future. She apologizes for what happened between them and wishes him the best of luck with his wife. But that’s when the revelation comes.

Tristan Chapuis is indeed the murderer. Claudine calls Clément to tell him. The latter does not answer but takes note of the message and leaves to find her instead of going to her wedding. For her part, Janet is alone in front of the altar.

She has to cancel her marriage. Janet tries to call Clement without success. She must therefore tell the guests to leave. She has been waiting for her husband at the end of the aisle for more than fifteen minutes.

The latter is in Tristan’s docmicile. And the latter has just knocked Claudine down with a baseball bat. Becker realizes this and points his gun at him.

Claudine is unconscious in the trunk of her car. Clement thus accompanies him to the hospital, holding his hand. For her part, Janet is alone, she has not married and is crying bitterly. Would Clément have made his choice in Un si grand soleil?


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