Such a great sun: in which high school do the actors of the series play?

In “Un si grand soleil”, the high school Gustave Flaubert is often highlighted. But what is the real name of this establishment?

Sequences are frequent in Gustave Flaubert High School in the saga “Un si grand soleil”. In any case, the establishment in question has its own history. Or not… MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

Such a bright sun makes the beautiful hours of France 2

For almost 2 years, the saga “Un si grand soleil” has been a must on France 2. Every week, viewers are on the hook to follow the news. countless intrigues of the show.

According to “Télé Star”, more than 4 million people are there daily from 8:40 p.m. to watch fiction. Just like “Plus belle la vie” or even “Tomorrow belongs to us”, there are plenty of twists and turns!

Screenwriters always put the package to unleash passions. Between love stories, new friendships or family secrets, aficionados of “Un si grand soleil” are therefore delighted at all levels.

As a reminder, the series also takes place in Montpellier. And high school Gustave Flaubert is also often honored.

So many of you are wondering what the history of this establishment is. All scenes are they filmed in these places?

Are the decorations sometimes changed? After 3 seasons and 600 episodes in a box, the mystery remained intact… until today at least.

Know that the exterior views of the city are real! No false joys then.

With very successful plans and we often take full eyes. It almost gives want to take a little tour of the region.

So thank you “Such a great sun”! A little trip to the south of the France, you can’t refuse!

As for the high school Gustave Flaubert… It’s a whole different story. Be careful, you may be disappointed.

Such a great sun: in which high school do the actors of the series play?
Such a great sun: in which high school do the actors of the series play?

The high school does not exist

You read that right, high school Gustave Flaubert so highlighted in “Un si grand soleil” does not exist that in the series. Not in real life!

You got it right, all the scenes from the establishment shoot in the studio. Since 2018, when the saga was launched, the film crews and actors have been meeting at Vendargues near Lunel.

It is a pretty town that is located in the Hérault to the east of Montpellier itself. Thus in a warehouse of 16,000 m2, France TV Studios turns all the sequences there.

With different studios, it is also easy for production to box everything. Add to this that there are also the offices, dressing rooms and make-up rooms.

It is therefore in this place that the characters of Manon, Arthur or even Inès are found in the series. It’s a safe bet that there will be other twists from the start. We look forward ! Not you ?

At the moment, fans of “Un si grand soleil” are following Anissa’s daily life with enthusiasm. Not long ago, the pretty brunette has also started in high school as a supervisor.

Living with her darling Anthonin and Charles, she ignores that her roommate is also head over heels in love with her. And he will do everything to sabotage his marriage! A love story as we like. So business to follow we tell you!