Such a great sun: Eliott gives up his bar to his friends Charles and Dylan!

Eliot is about to experience a great moment in Un si grand soleil. And for good reason, he decides to sell his bar to Charles and Dylan.

It’s official, Eliott is leaving Montpellier in Un si grand soleil. But before leaving, he decides to sell his bar to his friends Charles and Dylan. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Such a bright sun: a departure is being prepared

The writers of Un si grand soleil have been very creative lately. And for good reason, the intrigues are linked but do not look alike. To the delight of viewers therefore.

Thus, the characters of Un si grand soleil must face their fate. So they live great moments. And yes, the series often has many surprises in store for them. Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

But this time around, fans of the series must face a departure. Indeed, a character is about to leave Monteplier. And yes, after long weeks of anguish, Eliott wishes to say his goodbyes.

It must be said that lately, nothing is right for the young man in Un si grand soleil. Indeed, he does not manage to be reconciled with his mother, escapes death or even flees the prosecutor. In short, things are picking up speed for him.

Moreover, the next episode promises to be rich in emotions for Eliott. Indeed, he is about to give up his bar to his friends Charles and Dylan. MCE TV tells you more! *Attention Spoilers*

Eliott gives up his bar to his friends

In the next episode of Such a Big Sun, Eliott makes a big decision. While he wishes to leave Montpellier, he gives up his bar to his friends.

Indeed, Orsan sends a video to Virgil where Eve is gagged. He therefore warns Manu of the situation. And yet, he refuses that the latter warns his fellow police officers. It must be said thathe knows he will kill Eve. The situation is therefore complicated in Un si grand soleil.

For her part, Elise puts her finger on the house of Orsan. She then discovers her plans and her weapons. Corn the latter remains untraceable. It is at this same moment that the fugitive passes in front of the house with Eve in the trunk.

In parallel, Eliott reunites with Charles and Dylan. Indeed, he admits to them that he is leaving the city. In addition, he does not forget to explain that he has decided to cede the bar to his friends. Charles and Dylan really can’t believe it. Something to surprise viewers of Un si grand soleil then.

Moreover, Eliott makes a date with his friends the next day at the notary. Thus, they will be able to formalize the transaction. The 101 will then be theirs. But that’s not all. The young man asks his friends to remain discreet about this. He wants to keep the secret as long as possible.

At the same time, José and Virgil try to find a solution. Indeed, the latter must find a million euros. And yet, they only have 350,000 euros. So when José evokes the 101, he understands that Eliot is hiding behind the theft of paintings.

One thing is certain, Eliott did not say his last word in Un si grand soleil. Fans of the show just have to get ready. To be continued.


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