Such a great sun: Dylan and Charles come to blows at the roommate!

Charles can’t hold out after his break-up with Anissa! At the roommate, he even comes to blows with Dylan in Un si grand soleil!

The story between Anissa, Charles and Antonin could only end badly… But the fans of Un si grand soleil did not expect that! Indeed, in the midst of battle, Dylan will end up on the front line… MCETV tells you more!

No more coffee at the roommate: a disaster

Because since Anissa chose to stay with Antonin, Charles is not doing well. But since his relationship must have been kept a secret, he can’t say anything… And it gnaws at him more and more. At least until a coffee problem with the roommate that will blow everything up.

Indeed, Charles seems more irritable than ever. And this time, Antonin has finished the coffee… which his roommate will not stand. He therefore blames him sharply for not making any effort. Very surprised, Antonin does not really see what to answer.

But Charles adds more! The tone rises, and Antonin ends up asking what is happening to Charles. The teenager is burning with desire to throw everything in A so big sun … But the look that Anissa gives him prevents him from doing so. He stammers, says nothing more.

But Antonin is not fooled. The young man noticed that an look from Anissa changed everything. So he begins to ask himself questions … And now the tea towel begins to burn: Antonin has doubts about Anissa and must ask him questions.

Decided, he therefore confronts Anissa. He noticed that she was taking her distance, that she had changed… Stunned with questions, the young woman ended up breaking down in A so great sun: she had cheated on him. Yes, she had an affair with Charles

Most she still tries to explain herself. She thus assures Antonin that she has put an end to this adventure with Charles, that she only loves him, and that she is angry with herself.

Such a great sun Dylan and Charles come to blows with the roommate!
Such a great sun Dylan and Charles come to blows with the roommate!

Such a bright sun: the roommate shatters

Antonin does not seem to share this opinion: he cuts the discussion short and puts an end to the relationship. In tears, Anissa sees the man she loves leaving… It’s the beginning of the end for the roommate. Because the teenager does not try to understand, and picks up her things.

Dylan tries to pick up the pieces when Antonin tells him what has just happened. He also suggests that she go for a drink… But his friend needs to be alone in So great a sun. Relations are strained.

Anissa tries one last time to go see Antonin, in vain: he does not want to hear any more about it. Charles tries to comfort Anissa, but she pulls the rug out from under him: she no longer loves him, she loves Antonin, and they won’t go any further.

As Anissa leaves, Dylan comes to attack Charles. He indeed finds that this disaster in the roommate comes from him, and from him alone. Sad and angry, Charles explodes and the two friends come to blows …

So this may spell the end of the roommate of Un si grand soleil. Everyone is angry with others for their reasons … And Dylan even just joined in the fight : nothing goes!


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