Such a great sun: Claudine faces Tristan after the trauma!

In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”, Claudine will have to confront Tristan after he has attacked him.

Last I heard, Claudine survived Tristan’s attack in “Un si grand soleil”. Her nightmare doesn’t seem to end however. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Claudine is always shocked in “Un si grand soleil”

As you probably know, Claudine was ready to defend her ex-lover, in “Un si grand soleil”. For her, ihe could not have killed Laurent Viel, a manager of the Opéra de Montpellier.

But very quickly, the latter realized that she was on the wrong track. So she decided to make him tell the truth about the murder he committed. If you missed this scene, feel free to swipe down the article. You will find an excerpt.

Of course, the ex-lover of the young woman did not let it go. So he couldn’t find anything better than knocking him out. Fortunately, Claudine had left a message on Becker’s answering machine, which was able to help him in time.

But, since then, Claudine always seems very shocked by this attack. She cannot sleep without having nightmares. She sees Tristan hurting her again.

Unfortunately, in the sequel to “Un si grand soleil”, the latter will have to to confront once again his executioner. Indeed, she has an appointment at the police station. Suffice to say that she will absolutely not want to go. MCE TV tells you more about upcoming events in the series.

The woman will see her executioner again

The confrontation between Claudine and Tristan will indeed take place, in “Un si grand soleil”. The man will apologize to his ex-lover for hurting her. He will then insist that he did not want to kill her. But he felt thathe was no longer master of his movements.

However, the alleged victim will not let it go. She will, in turn, tell her version of the facts. Tristan hit him with a rock. It’s not nothing after all! The end of the showdown will end in screams and in tears.

Fortunately, the young woman will be able to count on Florent’s support, to whom she will tell everything in great detail. Once the thing is done, she will be determined to forget about Tristan.

However, Claudine will not wish to return to Paris immediately. Florent will then suggest to him to settle in the office, the time it needs. Remains to know if this news will please her daughter, Sabine.

To find out, the editorial staff of MCE TV will meet you Monday to Friday, at 8:40 p.m., on France 2, for a new episode of your favorite soap opera: “Un si grand soleil”.

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