Such a great sun: Charles wants to win back Anissa in the series!

In the sequel to your favorite soap opera, “Un si grand soleil”, Charles will try everything to win Anissa’s heart.

Charles will not soon forget Anissa, in “Un si grand soleil”. On the contrary, he will see himself far in the future with her. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Anissa confessed everything

You are not without knowing that Anissa was dating Antonin in “Un si grand soleil”. But their story capsized from the moment they agreed to roommate with others.

The girl then approached a young boy by the name of Charles. Yes she managed to keep it a secret for a long time, she won’t be able to lie when her boyfriend questions her.

Even if this may make the fans of “Un si grand soleil” sad, Antonin will still decide to end their relationship. Anissa, meanwhile, will have an electric shock. She will realize that she loves him with all her heart. Much more than Charles in any case!

In parallel, Antonin and Charles will come to blows. The second will tell the first that his girlfriend was not happy in her marriage. That’s why she would have cheated on him. Ouch! It hurts !

As for Charles, he will confess to Eliott that he wishes to conquer Anissa. Corn his friend will advise him to resign himself and give up. Not sure he will accept so far. MCE TV tells you more about upcoming events in your favorite soap opera: “Un si grand soleil”.

Such a great sun: Charles wants to win back Anissa in the series!
Such a great sun: Charles wants to win back Anissa in the series!

What happens elsewhere in “Un si grand soleil”?

Another couple is in danger of losing ground in “Un si grand soleil”. They are Becker and Janet. You probably know that they are planning to say “yes” to each other For better and for worse, in front of their relatives.

Only, at the time of the ceremony, something surprising will happen. Claudine, the groom’s ex-wife, will leave him a message indicating that she has proof that Theo is indeed the one who killed Laurent Viel. Yes, yes, you heard that right.

But rather than go to his beautiful to put the ring on her finger, Becker will decide to join Claudine. As if he had had a hunch. Only, Janet risks taking very badly the fact that her darling does not go to her own wedding to rescue her ex. And this is understandable!

Warning. We say “rescue” because, when the ceremony is supposed to take place, Claudine will try to make Tristan confess the truth. But the latter will not want to be denounced, since it is an accident. He will go directly to her and will decide to knock him out.

In order to know if Charles will manage to seduce Anissa, if Becker and Janet are really going to get married or if Claudine will get out of it unscathed, we invite you to meet tonight, at 8:40 p.m. on France 2, for a brand new episode of “Such a great sun”. However, if you don’t have time, you can always go on, from 6 a.m..


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