Such a great sun: Anissa exhausted and ultra furious with Antonin?

Coming soon in the series Un si grand soleil: is Anissa furious with Antonin? We reveal everything to you!

In Such a Big Sun, is Anissa angry with Antonin? MCE TV gives you more details!

Furious anissa

This week has not been easy for the characters of the French series Un si grand soleil. Indeed, this month of August ends with episodes more intense than each other.

Today, we unveil the latest twists in the lives of the characters of Un si grand soleil. If you do not want to know anything, we advise you not to read the rest of this article. Indeed, it contains spoilers on the upcoming episodes of the France 2 soap opera.

Thus, in the French series, Anissa seems furious at Antoninus’ behavior. Indeed, the character played by Siham Falhoune does not validate the behavior of the latter within the roommate.

The young woman therefore lets Inès know. Together, eShe decides to go for a change of scenery and take the opportunity to do some shopping.

Anissa then hopes that her companion will change his attitude. Afterwards, Gerald manages to restrain Anissa pretending to have a washing machine failure.

This should allow Yasmine to enjoy her daughter a little. Charles for his part, intends to seduce Anissa. While Eliott has to hand over the bar to Dylan!

The latter and Antonin do the right thing and Anissa seems to be enjoying the moment. The couple’s reconciliation is therefore not far off. Charles, for his part, is forced to realize that his chances are getting thinner and thinner!

Such a great sun: Anissa exhausted and ultra furious with Antonin?
Such a great sun: Anissa exhausted and ultra furious with Antonin?

Elsewhere in So big a sun

Elsewhere in the French series Un si grand soleil Thierry and Abou are still under investigation of IGPN. Akim for his part is afraid of consequences for his career because he confided in Aline.

Akim is indeed afraid that Thierry wants revenge after having denounced him to the IGPN by calling the commander. He explains to Lucille that he risks being fired from the police.

But the journalist tries to reassure him as best she can. Aline for her part is going to visit Abou. She tells him that it will be her word against that of Brigadier Valois.

She then shows him that she is on his side. And that he therefore should not be afraid to speak the truth.

At the time of the reconstruction, the young boy tells of the ordeal that the sergeant subjected him to. Indeed, Abu gives as much detail as possible about what happened that day.

He also explains that he was no longer able to breathe during the entire procedure. In short, everything indicates that the young boy was the victim of police violence! Will he succeed in winning his case? Or will the police once again manage to cover up the case and come out of it unscathed?

The sequel to the French series Un si grand soleil promises to be very interesting! We can not wait to find out what awaits our favorite heroes in the rest of the series. Case Follow very closely.


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