Such a great sun: Anissa breaks Charles’s heart because of Antoninus?

Anissa is in a relationship with Antonin. But at the moment, Charles is trying to win the heart of the young woman. And it could work.

Anissa is going to hurt Charles in So Big Sun. And this because of Antonine, to whom she is closer and closer. But which boy will she choose in the end? The choice seems complicated for the girl. We tell you more.

Such a great sun: Charles and Antonin fight for Anissa

It’s a bit of a duel between two young men for the heart of a young woman. Anissa is normally in a relationship with Antonin in Un si grand soleil. But Charles didn’t say his last word. He tries to seduce the girl as best he can.

It must be said that all live in the same roommate. And when Anissa moves in with her boyfriend, Charles decides he’s going to seduce her. He has a crush on her from the first days. And Antonin does nothing to make things right with his sweetheart.

Indeed, the young man is totally obsessed with video games. So, moving in, his priority is to unpack his console to play a game with the other boys in the apartment. Much to Anissa’s despair who hoped for some help unpacking.

Charles decided he was going to try everything to get the girl. He feels so many thingshe has trouble living with Anissa and her boyfriend. He even confides in his friend Eliot about his feelings.

But one situation will give Charles points in Un si grand soleil. Indeed, the young girl begins her work as a supervisor in high school. Antonin is updating her computer but she needs it to send an important project.

Charles scores points in the heart of the girl

Except that the update never ends. So Anissa begins to stress in Such a big sun. She gets angry and lashes out at Antonin. And that’s where Charles comes in. Il offers to take the computer to one of his friends repairman.

The young woman hastens to accept. She is happy that a solution has just been found. She didn’t know what to do anymore. So she thanks him for his help. It’s a bit like her savior of the day in her heart. And to thank him she invites him for a drink.

It is therefore the opportunity for the two young people to get to know each other better. He talks for hours and ends up getting along very well. For his part, Antonin begins to worry about not seeing his girlfriend come back. On his return, he seems jealous.

He points out that he could have repaired his computer himself. But Anissa is happy with Charles’s solution, she praises it which makes her boyfriend very jealous! But will she continue to get closer to her roommate?

Antonin will he start to be jealous within the roommate? So that could well create tensions. We will have to wait for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil to find out more. Case to follow in the soap opera France 2.