Such a great sun: Alix does everything to find a replacement for Ludo!

The sequel to Un si grand soleil is likely to cause a sensation on the small screen. Alix will be ready to do anything to replace Ludo.

The next episode ofSuch a great sun promises to be rich in twists and turns. Indeed, it would seem thatAlix will do anything to find a replacement for Ludo. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Attention, the article which will follow is likely to contain SPOILERS!

Such a great sun the success of France 2

Competition is fierce in the field of soaps. More beautiful life, Here everything begins, Tomorrow belongs to us. Soap operas are more and more numerous on French television channels. So much so that viewers sometimes don’t know where to turn.

Faced with the enthusiasm of the latter for the genre, France 2 could not therefore remain unmoved. In 2018, the production therefore chose to embark on the great adventure of the series. And this with Such a great sun.

And the least we can say is thattoday she can boast of her success. Indeed, the creation of Olivier Szulzynger, Eline Le Fur, Cristina Arellano and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta is a real success.

Every night she even gathers more than 3 million faithful in front of the small screen. A sizeable figure which proves that the soap opera has nothing to envy its rivals. Quite the contrary.

The reason ? The writers seem to be working hard to have them amateurs in haleine. Week after week, the intrigues are linked together brilliantly.

So much so that the fans don’t have time to be bored for a single second. Eh yes ! Life in Montpellier is not easy. And this, to the delight of fans of the genre.

Recently, it is also the death of Laurent Viel which seems to have turned the lives of the inhabitants of the south of France upside down. But while this story is now over, it looks like another storyline is about to punctuate the episodes ofSuch a great sun. MCE TV tells you more!

Such a great sun: Alix does everything to find a replacement for Ludo!
Such a great sun: Alix does everything to find a replacement for Ludo!

Alix desperate to replace Ludo

The next episode ofSuch a great sun should be thrilling. Based on information posted online by Allocine, Ludo is going to get closer to Noémie.

And while the healer will show the young woman around the zoo, Alix will wake up in Hugo’s arms. Neither one nor two, she will then ask the latter to become an escort.

The reason ? She seems to find that the boy has incredible talents. Bad luck, this one does not seem to want to get started.

He therefore refuses. Much to Alix’s chagrin. Disappointed by the young man’s response, the latter will not be discouraged for all that. Determined to continue her business, she will then post a classified ad.

Besides, that’s not all! Our colleagues even tell us that she will try to retain Ludo the time to be able to organize himself. What he will accept!

A decision that may have consequences on his new life. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the continuation ofSuch a great sun is likely to cause a sensation among viewers. Case to be continued …


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