Such a great sun: Alex and Julie finally ready to turn the page?

Nothing is going well between Alex and Julie! Since the robbery, the couple of Un si grand soleil seem blurred … But the policeman wants to catch up

He could have send her best friend to jail, she will never forgive him: Julie no longer wants to hear from Alex! The robbery of Jade, her best friend, went wrong in Un si grand soleil… MCETV tells you what happened next!

Alex did everything to protect Jade

Because Alex did his duty as a police officer: he avoided a robbery. Better, he managed to protect Jade by breaking a headlight on the car she was using. Rather than being caught in the act, she passes for a police informer …

But out of the question for her to remain friends with Alex and Julie. Even though she has known Julie for a long time, Jade has lost all confidence. She is even thinking of leaving Montpellier. And so leave the heist far behind her.

Very annoyed that Alex never told her his job, Julie seems ready to do anything to break up. Alex tries all the same to defend himself… But in vain: their bond seems broken forever in Un si grand soleil.

Choosing between her robber best friend and her police boyfriend, Julie does not even hesitate: it will be Jade. So she calls him to check on him. And also to see if she can help him, and how.

Unfortunately, new cold shower for Julie: Jade will not even give her time to be forgiven. In danger because of the sponsors of the robbery, she left Montpellier. Julie has just lost everything in Un si grand soleil.

Jade indeed seems sure of herself, staying in Montpellier will put her in danger. We must therefore leave, and quickly. But she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. And especially not in Julie, who disappointed her. So she decides to cut ties without looking back.

Such a great sun: Alex and Julie finally ready to turn the page?
Such a great sun: Alex and Julie finally ready to turn the page?

Such a great sun: Alex and Julie, what will be next?

Desperate, Julie returns home. But surprise, she crosses paths with Alex! Her ex-boyfriend has indeed chosen a time when she would be away to pick up her last things. Missed, she comes home earlier than expected.

The policeman therefore finds himself in the embarrassing situation he hoped to avoid. he goes having to talk with his ex girlfriend, while they have already broken up … Fans of Un si grand soleil must therefore expect enormous discomfort.

But surprise, Julie seems much less bitter. Indeed, saddened by the departure of Jade, she questions everything a little. And of course, the breakup with Alex is one of the subjects she dwells on.

The two former lovers So decide to go for a drink. The opportunity for Alex to apologize. But the policeman is surprised to receive an apology from Julie. A little less nervous, she realizes her mistakes in Un si grand soleil.

She believes that she should have asked him about her job, rather than avoiding the subject. Calmer, the two lovers slowly begin to meet again … Until they exchange a long kiss. The breakup may not happen anytime soon!