Such a bright sun: Janet ready to help Abu escape the police?

In the sequel to the series Such a Big Sun, Janet is going to make a big decision. She will help the young immigrant, Abou, to escape the police!

Nothing is going well in A so big sun. Since Abu fell into a coma after the arrest of Valois and Akim, the thing how to degenerate. It seems that Janet is helping the young man to escape the police.

Akim (Such a big sun) is afraid of retaliation

Not long ago, Valois (Un si grand soleil) made a terrible mistake that could have cost Abou his life. While preparing to arrest the young man with Akim, the latter found Abu, totally unconscious on the ground.

Subsequently, Abu (Un si grand soleil) suffered a few days of coma. Following this police blunder, Akim had chosen to defend his colleague at first. He maintained his version of events by explaining that Abu had just fallen.

Akim subsequently felt remorse. In the next episodes, he will finally denounce Valois to the deputy prosecutor. On the other hand, the police officer is not serene. He is afraid that retaliation from his colleague.

It must be said that Valois can be very threatening when things are not going his way. Becker then reveals to Akim that he will not hesitate to support him. He also has congratulated the young man for his testimony.

For her part, the deputy prosecutor summoned Valois (Un si grand soleil). She made a big decision: to remove him from his post. The policeman then called her Islamo-leftist. Subsequently, Valois goes to see Akim.

Valois then reveals to Akim that he doesn’t blame him for denouncing him. He also explains to her that over time he will realize all of his error on his own. One thing is certain, his former colleague did not expect such revelations.

Such a bright sun: Janet ready to help Abu escape the police?

Janet will encourage Abu to flee

Back home, Akim (Un si grand soleil) confides in Lucille that he is really very surprised. Indeed, he seemed convinced that Valois wanted to avenge him after denouncing him. But that’s not the case at all.

Akim (Such a big sun) looks all the more shocked that his colleague did not hesitate to cover him during an intervention. As a reminder, the police officer lost his weapon in full service. Lucille then tries to comfort him.

She reveals that he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. And that he just has to move on with his life. For her part, Janet wants to know what fate Abu will suffer. The latter has finally was able to recover from his injury.

Becker (Un si grand soleil) explains to him that the young immigrant will not be able to stay in France. Not having a residence permit, he will have to expel him. Janet then goes do everything possible to help Abu.

At the hospital, she checks that her injuries are okay. Subsequently, she reveals to him that the police are going to come looking for him. And that he must do its possible to escape. Janet gives him something to heal his wounds for the road.

Abu (Such a big sun) intends to go to Italy to join his friends. It remains to be seen whether he will manage to escape without worry!


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