Such a bright sun: Claudine’s revelations are wreaking havoc!

The sequel to Un si grand soleil promises to thrill viewers. Claudine is notably on the verge of making revelations.

The next episode ofSuch a great sun may cause a sensation on the small screen. Indeed, Claudine is about to have a terrible revelation. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

The intrigues are linked in Un si grand soleil

It has been a few years now thatSuch a great sun unanimously on France 2. And for good reason! The creation of’Olivier Szulzynger, Eline Le Fur, Cristina Arellano and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta connects the intrigues with brio.

Eh yes ! Life in Montpellier is not easy. So much so that viewers do not have time to be bored in front of the episodes of the series.

The writers therefore seem to go out of their way to keep aficionados in suspense. And the least we can say is that the week may be rich in twists and turns.

For some time, Clément Becker is absorbed in a new business. A case that forces him to face his past. Indeed, Laurent Viel is indeed deceased.

And the main suspect is none other than Tristan Chapuis, the former lover of his ex-wife. While the latter was accused of having murdered the victim, he then called on Claudine.

The arrival of the young woman has therefore upset the daily life of the commissioner. In a few days, this one is supposed to marry the beautiful Janet.

But all this situation prevents him from facing reality. One day, when he is arguing again with his ex, he will even give in to his impulses.

An act of treason that could have terrible consequences on his union with the director of the hospital. But as the wedding quickly approaches, it looks like her rival is about to uncover a terrible truth. MCE TV tells you more about the sequel toSuch a great sun!

Such a bright sun: Claudine's revelations are wreaking havoc!
Such a bright sun: Claudine’s revelations are wreaking havoc!

Claudine about to break the silence

The next episode ofSuch a great sun promises to cause a sensation on the small screen. Indeed, Claudine is going to make some discoveries. And this, the day of the wedding of Clément and Janet.

Looking at an old photo, Becker’s ex-wife will discover the existence of a lighter. An object that was indeed present at the crime scene and which seems to indicate that Tristan is guilty in the murder case.

Neither one nor two, so she decides to contact her former husband andgo and confront the director of the opera. Faced with the evidence provided by the young woman, the latter will therefore have no choice but to confess.

Most far from asserting that he killed Laurent on purpose, he assures us that it is a terrible accident. Moreover, he does not seem ready to take his responsibilities.

Far from wanting to go to prison, he prefers to attack the pretty brunette. Without any hesitation, he hits the latter before locking her in the back of his vehicle.

More worried than ever, the character played by Yvon Back will then rush to his aid. Leaving behind him, a weeping Janet. Case to follow in Such a great sun …


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