Such a bright sun: Charles finally confesses all his love to Anissa!

Love is in the air in the France 2 series, Un si grand soleil. Charles will finally confess all his love to the pretty Anissa!

Attention spoilers! In the next episodes of the series Such a great sun, the shy Charles will take action, confessing his feelings to Anissa. MCE TV tells you more.

Charles confesses his feelings to Anissa

It has been several days since Charles and Anissa turn around. And the least we can say is that the two lovebirds will finally get down to business.

Indeed, Charles will take the first step, assuming his feelings towards Anissa. This week in Un si grand soleil, the two protagonists will get closer.

To do this, Charles will propose to Anissa helping her put up shelves. A harmless gesture, but which is important for the young man.

According to the iinformation disclosed by Allociné, the alchemy between the two characters of Un si grand soleil, is no longer in doubt. Eh yes.

Faced with this emerging complicity, Antonin will ask his girlfriend to open his eyes to the real intentions of his roommate. The latter does not appear to be receptive to Charles’s advances.

Annoyed by his behavior, Anissa goes to him ask to apologize to Charles otherwise he will not be able to return to their room. Uneasiness in Un si grand soleil …

Such a bright sun Charles finally confesses all his love to Anissa!
Such a bright sun Charles finally confesses all his love to Anissa!

A new couple in the series Un si grand soleil

A few days later, Charles decides to find Anissa out of high school. He will then take her aside, in order to declare his love for her.

Anissa is somewhat surprised by the declaration of his roommate. Very hard on him, she will push him away, indicating that his heart is already taken.

In fact, Anissa is very much in love with Antonine. Back to the apartment, Antonin and Anissa will therefore apologize following their altercation the day before.

Charles will therefore find himself heartbroken. Anissa is therefore not attracted to the young man. Yet he showed goodwill, clearly expressing his feelings to her.

So the question viewers are asking themselves is, will Charles bend over backwards to finish with Anissa? Maybe…

Indeed, our colleagues from recently unveiled images where we see Charles saying to Anissa that he will take upon himself so that they can all live together. Just that.

Charles is therefore addicted to Anissa, and he is therefore ready to do whatever it takes to make the cohabitation as pleasant as possible … But the latter could therefore do everything to turn the brain of the one he covets …

Indeed, in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, viewers will realize that Anissa is not all white either. Indeed, the darling of Antoninus may well be attracted to him eventually and commit the irreparable.

While had kindly rebuffed Charles, who had to do everything to seduce her in due form, the latter could play a dangerous game. By juggling between two relationships… The next episodes of Un si grand soleil promise mountains and wonders… Roll on Monday!