Such a bright sun: Becker about to cheat on his sweetheart Janet?

The sequel to Un si grand soleil intrigues viewers. Indeed, would Becker be able to cheat on his darling Janet?

Nothing is going well in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. And for good reason, Becker could cheat on his sweetheart Janet. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Such a bright sun: the scenario is accelerating

Since its release, Un si grand soleil has put the small dishes in the big ones. The series has only one idea in mind: viewers should never get bored. And it would appear to be mission successful.

It must be said that Such a great sun leaves nothing to chance. Love, divorce, birth, marriage or murder, there is something for everyone. And yes, impossible to be bored. So it’s a full box!

Moreover, lately, the writers of the series are more creative than ever. Thus, they do not hesitate to be very teasing with the characters of the program. The followers of the suspense are therefore on a cloud. Very cool !

Right now, it’s Becker’s turn to stand out in Un si grand soleil. As a reminder, the policeman seems more in love than ever. And for good reason, the latter took his courage in both hands and asked for the hand of his sweetheart. Too cute !

Although Janet initially refused, she later decided to do it on her own. So she got down on one knee. In short, between the two lovebirds, it’s really crazy love.

But in Such a Big Sun, nothing goes as planned. Becket’s ex-wife then arrives in the series and sows trouble. But would he be ready to cheat on Janet? MCE TV tells you more! *Attention Spoilers*

Such a bright sun: Becker about to cheat on his sweetheart Janet?
Such a bright sun: Becker about to cheat on his sweetheart Janet?

Becker on the verge of breaking down?

It’s no secret that Claudine’s return complicates the situation in Un si grand soleil. The couple’s old stories resurface and Becker must deal with the situation.

As a reminder, Claudine had cheated on Becker twelve years ago with Tristan Chapuis. The latter is currently suspected of murder in Montpellier. In short, the two men have a very strained relationship. Such a bright sun really leaves nothing to chance.

Claudine’s return thus brings back bad memories to Becker. But in reality, the latter cannot manage his emotions and may well give in to temptation. Ouch!

Tonia Kinzinger then confided in this subject in an interview given to the magazine TéléStar. So she explained: « The wedding won’t go exactly as planned. »

Before adding: “When I saw that Clement was going to give in to the advances of his ex, I immediately called the authors to find out what was going to happen to this couple. I was told that Janet wouldn’t know. “

In addition, the star of Such a Big Sun also said: “Which means that if one day they decided to blow up this couple, it would still be time to pull out this infidelity card. »

But do not panic. The latter also confessed: “He couldn’t digest the way his previous marriage ended. There is suffering. The story will end on the office of the law firm where it is housed. It is an irrational drive. He will instantly regret. “

One thing is certain, Such a Big Sun still has plenty of surprises in store for fans of the series. Becker hasn’t said his last word. To be continued.


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