Such a big sun: Ludo confronted with Ariane in full date with Noémie!

The sequel to Un si grand soleil is likely to be unanimous with viewers. Ludo will notably be confronted with Ariane.

The noose tightens around Ludo. In the next episode ofsuch a big sun, the young man will be confronted with Ariane. And this, in the middle of a date with Noémie. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, the following article may contain SPOILERS!

The intrigues are linked in Un si grand soleil

Definitely, the screenwriters ofsuch a big sun are ready to do anything to bring thrilling adventures to the different characters in the series. So you will understand, life in Montpellier is not easy.

And this, to the delight of aficionados. Every evening, more and more of them are eagerly following. unusual plots implemented by production.

And the least we can say is that viewers will not be disappointed. The next episodes already promise to be incredibly rhythmic.

Lately, the adventures were piling up brilliantly. Since his return from Guyana, Elisabeth also seems to be faced with a delicate situation.

Indeed, his employees are very angry. Especially since Berthier’s suicide attempt. A few days ago, they therefore decided to rebel.

And after weighing the pros and cons between a collective resignation or a general strike, they chose the second option. A blow for the business womanSuch a big sun.

But that’s not all ! It’s been several weeks since Ludo lives in constant anguish. Eh yes ! The handsome brunette’s girlfriend seems to have doubts about his activities.

A delicate situation is also about to settle within the couple. MCE TV tells you more about the plot ofSuch a big sun.

Ludo face to face with Ariane and Noémie

According to the latest information posted by Allocinated, the continuation ofsuch a big sun risk of causing a sensation on the small screen. And this, for the simple and good reason thatAriane is about to land at her daughter’s.

Our colleagues then report that Noémie wants at all costs to take a photo of her boyfriend. The goal ? Send a picture to his mother. A very bad idea according to Ludo who then goes refuse to play the game.

He will explain his decision by announcing that he has no no desire to appear on social networks. Bad luck, what had to happen happened. Ariane therefore ended up visiting her daughter.

The handsome brunette finds himself like this face to face with his former client in such a big sun. For Noémie’s sake, they will pretend not to know each other.

But dinner will still be very complicated to manage. Moreover, Ariane will not hesitate to make little hints throughout the evening. The end of the meal will even end in a total fiasco.

There is no denying, the next episode ofsuch a big sun promises to be unanimous among aficionados. It now remains to be seen whether Noémie will eventually learn her boyfriend’s affair with her mom. To be continued…


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