Such a big sun: Elisabeth’s Valentine’s Day turns into a fiasco!

In the next episode of Un si grand soleil, Valentine’s Day will be cut short for Elisabeth. Find out why!

In the next episode of the series Un si grand soleil, Valentine’s Day is going to be cut short for Elisabeth. Because the party will be spoiled by the meeting of Alain and his ex! Just that ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Such a big sun: Elisabeth has a disappointing Valentine’s Day

What twists and turns await fans of Un si grand soleil this Monday, February 14? You will all have noticed that it is Valentine’s Day. And the cult series of France 2 follows the schedule!

Because the characters of the series are also preparing to celebrate the feast of love. With more or less success for each. Launched in 2018, the cult series has enjoyed growing success since its inception.

All of this thanks to a scenario rich in twists and turns and its endearing characters. While waiting to discover the next episode on Monday, here is some information to know in advance. Spoiler alert!

For this Valentine’s Day, Arthur has decided to cook for Jennifer. In order to spend a romantic moment together, he asks his grandmother and Alain to leave the house to them.

Elisabeth and her companion accept and decide on their side to go to the restaurant. But the good idea will quickly turn into a fiasco. Because in the establishment, Alain meets Cécile… his ex-wife!

We can not therefore say that the evening promises to be good for Elisabeth. Especially since the couple will have to share the only remaining table with Cécile and her new companion. Too much is too much for the CEO of OCI.

Embarrassed, our heroine of Un si grand soleil therefore finds the parade. She pretends to phone Arthur and pretends to have to go home, because a water leak has occurred at home!

Such a great sun, Elisabeth's Valentine's Day turns into a fiasco!
Such a great sun, Elisabeth’s Valentine’s Day turns into a fiasco!

The evening is going better for Arthur and Jennifer

Alain then takes her word for it and therefore leaves the restaurant with her on the spot. Afterwards, Elisabeth confesses to him that it’s to escape the evening with his ex-wife that she made up this little lie.

Once back in front of the house, Elisabeth and Alain find the lights on. Thinking that Arthur and Jennifer are still there, they decide to end the evening eating a kebab in the car. We have known more romantic!

During the same episode of Un si grand soleil, while Elisabeth and Alain are at the restaurant, Arthur and his girlfriend are having dinner at home. But unfortunately, the young man misses his dish which ends up burned!

In the meantime, this one receives a text message from Anissa. The young woman offers him to come and spend the evening at La Grande Motte. Much to Arthur’s surprise, Jennifer agrees to skip their romantic dinner to go party.

But leaving, the two cakes forget to turn off the lights ! Which will be confusing when Elisabeth and Alain want to come back from their ruined evening. Eh yes !

So we see it, misunderstandings will go well during this new episode of Un si grand soleil. Not to mention Enric who will make a desperate attempt to get back to Myriam. To be continued on Monday!


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