Student: young people still live in great precariousness!

Precariousness is a subject of great importance for the student body. Young people in studies still live in a precarious situation …

The start of the school year was not all good for this year’s student vintage. With less left over to live, we can say that precariousness affects young people in studies… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Queues that never end

We can never say it enough … Student life is not a smooth river. This sad observation however does not change anything in the matter.

Thus, the students would have well struggling to make ends meet. Between the tuition fees, the increasingly expensive rents or the loans to be repaid, this causes a hell of a hole in their budget.

Especially since not everyone can afford to combine their studies with a student job. Thus, many have to rely only on meager state aid.

Add to this the fact that all are not equal on these aids. That some simply do not manage to go beyond the zero level, of the Crous, and therefore to touch a few euros.

In Rennes, like our colleagues from West France, it is not so easy to finish the month … Many therefore go to solidarity grocery stores to alleviate the precariousness in which they live.

It is clear that these are found very quickly to saturation. “It’s insane”, even said a representative of the Pirate Union, a local union that organizes food distributions.

“Even us, we can no longer follow”, said this same person to our colleagues. Students on campus would therefore try to obtain this aid, but the organization is struggling to respond to all requests.

Students: precariousness does not decrease on the Rennes 1 campus

Whether it is hygiene products, periodic protections, shower gel, toothpaste or foodstuffs, more and more of them are want to obtain these products through these actions.

However, some must do several meters of tail to be able to obtain certain foods and other products. As one of the students interviewed by West France.

I look forward to each distribution, he said. To do without it would be difficult. I should ask my parents more, but it is not always possible for them ”.

What I find, the president of this grocery store solidarity sharing. “Student precariousness existed before the Covid, did she say. But the confinements worsened it ”.

“Over the past year, our grocery store has gone from one to two distributions per week, to help around 150 people ”, she continues in her interview with West France.

This, at the risk, for some of these grocery stores, of having to close the door to students. And this despite the fact that most of them must tighten your belt every month.

Sébastien, the student questioned by our colleagues must, for example, follow the temporary assignments to pay rent. Alas, this is not enough.

“Many jobs require too many hours of presence”, notes another student. “With my schedule, it is not possible”.

Solidarity grocery stores are therefore considering recruit more volunteers. In large part to recover these famous foodstuffs which will go to students in great precariousness.


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