Student: Top 10 best universities around the world!

Are you a student and curious about which are the top 10 universities in the world? We reveal the ranking!

here is the 10 best universities in the world for students! MCE TV reveals the ranking.

The best establishments for students

Every year, millions of young students therefore join the benches of the University. Eh yes. These begin therefore a whole new chapter in their life.

But the first step for these students is to choose the school well where they will continue their studies! Without too much surprise.

US News and World Report has therefore published its 8th ranking of the best universities in the world. So for 2022.

In total, 1,750 establishments. More than 90 countries have been assessed. Just that. It thus takes into account the reputation of the research. But also the publications of the teaching staff. And finally, international openness. Logic.

“These rankings stand out from our other education rankings. By the emphasis on university research. “ explains Robert Morse.

“The best universities in the world present an overall ranking of more than 1,700 universities. As well as rankings by subject of 255 schools. For a total of 2,005 schools. “ also specifies the press release. Often it remains dominated by Americans. Eh yes !

Indeed, the first 8 places are often occupied by schools in the United States! That has it changed this year?

We invite you to discover it without further delay! Here is the Top 10 of the best schools in the world for students.


Not too surprisingly, the famous university is one of the best for students. It is therefore in the lead. Eh yes. Harvard is moreover number 1 in several fields!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We then find The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT was therefore chosen as one of the best math universities in the world! Eh yes. Just that.


US News magazine chose Stanford University as having the best chemistry program in the world! Eh yes.


UC Berkeley has the 2nd best chemistry program to the world! Just that.


The British are therefore 5th. With the famous University of Oxford. It has indeed the best arts and humanities program. Eh yes !

Student: Top 10 best universities around the world!


Columbia University is 6th. According to the media, this is one of the best places to study the cardiovascular systems. Eh yes.

Washington, Seattle

Washington University, Seattle would therefore have the best clinical medicine program in the world! Eh yes. Just that.


Cambridge University received the most famous mathematicians in history! Just that. A very rich history! She is therefore cited for her math program. Without too much surprise.

Etudiant: California Institute of Technology

You should know that le California Institute of Technology houses NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Eh yes. Just that ! This university is therefore the best in space science! Without too much surprise then.

Johns Hopkins

Finally, Johns Hopkins University is the 2nd best infectious disease program. And that’s not all. But also the 2nd best surgical program in the world! Eh yes.

Once again, the USA dominates! Eh yes. Without too much surprise then. Stay tuned, up close.


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