Student: these little-known devices for free carpooling!

For a student, going to university can quickly turn into a hassle … But there are devices for free carpooling!

For a student, public transport is often part of everyday life … But there is other ways to go to your place of study. And even free means. MCETV explains three ways to carpool for free!

Student carpooling: simple and free

Drivers with a big heart

We start with a well-known app: Karos. While it offers a lot of possibilities, one of which you will discover in the rest of this article, Karos also allows you to go to your place of study. And this, free of charge.

Indeed, the app appealed to the generosity of drivers. She theirs thus makes it possible to offer free journeys. Rather than going to work alone, they can thus take passengers … And here is a student happy to go to university!

These good samaritans of carpooling, that Karos de facto calls “Coeurvoitureurs” can be found quite easily on the app. But be careful, this is not to ask the driver for a free! It is indeed up to him to propose it.

It is therefore a kind of stop. Except that the driver warns, and all the student has to do is ask to be taken away. A simple, effective, free, ecological tip… And which thus makes it possible to do good for the planet, as for the wallet.

Student: these little-known devices for free carpooling!
Student: these little-known devices for free carpooling!

Karos, Klaxit: smart student carpooling

Karos, we promised you, has a second advantage. The app has indeed established partnerships with the regions. If you live in Île de France, you are undoubtedly entitled to a little helping hand. It is still necessary to have looked for the conditions.

Like Klaxit, the app allows you to enter your Navigo pass. The interest? The Region considers you to be in public transport, if your subscription is for the month and the year. This is where the good student plan can begin.

Because on the one hand, if you drive to your university and you drive other people who have a Navigo, Karos pays you. You win 1.50 per passenger for 15 kms. Beyond that, you earn 10 cents more per kilometer.

The student user does not have to pay a cent. Klaxit works almost the same. The app allows you to book a carpooling for free. And the driver can earn up to € 120 per month, and is also entitled to bonuses.

Polluting companies also pay

Finally, last little tip: energy certificates. Large firms in fact pollute too much. The state has set a quota for them, but if they exceed it, they have to pay… And some pay for a good cause. And sometimes for carpooling.

This is how some colleges and universities offer a good student plan. Firms finance free carpooling. But for that, you have to go from your home to your place of study. What if you are driving? It also works!

The companies that pay for these certificates also encourage the drivers. A student can therefore take a free passenger. Corn earn money donated by a polluter. A win-win system already implemented by 35 schools and universities!


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