Student: the perfect length of vacation finally unveiled!

With all the vagaries of the start of the 2022 school year, students are already thinking about taking a break! This is the perfect length of vacation!

This start of the 2022 academic year is very difficult for every student in France. Many people already imagine themselves far from school! MCE TV therefore reveals the perfect duration for the holidays!

Student: a very difficult return to school

The start of the 2022 school year is very difficult for young people. Firstly because there is less and less room in the channels. Eh yes ! These are still thousands of young people who are without assignment.

Some academies have therefore proposed repetitions to make up for the lack of space. A decision that shocks the parents of each student. In Essonne, around 900 students were unable to return to school.

A sad observation to which is also added the shortage of teachers. In effect4,000 positions are missing. This is therefore the reason why Minister Pap Ndiaye called on the contractors. But that’s not all !

Following soaring energy prices, universities also make radical decisions. In particular that of closing the doors earlier than expected. Others also decide to reduce their electricity consumption to lower the bill.

But the education union Snesup-FSU is receiving more and more criticism: “We cannot accept that students are banned from the campus… While their housing conditions in the middle of winter are not good and are often dramatic”. This is what makes young people want to go on vacation…

The perfect vacation length

Every student will be able to admit that studies have often been a source of stress or anxiety. Indeed, exams can be scary! They even have the gift of torturing our minds!

This is therefore the reason why everyone is delighted to be in June, to enjoy the holidays. Indeed, the summer vacation period begins from this month.

And it also allows students to decompress, and even to think about something else. The stresss becomes only a distant memory. But then how long do you have to leave to clear your mind?

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies explored this question. The authors state that when they return from vacation, the employees feel much better. Among them, 54 employees were tested.

Experts have therefore concluded that health and productivity progressed very quickly during the first days of vacation. Then, a peak was recorded on the eighth day. This means testers have felt much better so far.

So you have understood, 8 days are more than enough to do good to his mind. This is why it is important to take several holidays during the year, but of short duration! And I promise, you will feel the results!


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