Student Recipe: Top 4 Inexpensive Beetroot Meals!

It seems that beets are the darling of this season! Here are 4 student recipes to make with beetroot!

It’s well known, beets are very healthy. It is especially very useful for preparing recipes at low prices! MCE TV therefore reveals a top 4 inexpensive beetroot-based meals!

An inexpensive recipe

Often, students are looking for foods inexpensive to prepare good meals. They therefore opt for rice or pasta, putting aside vegetables which have the reputation of being more expensive.

As winter approaches, many students concoct good recipes to warm up. Know that beetroot is perfect for this!

Inexpensive and inventive, it allows you to prepare several interesting recipes. MCE TV unveils a top 4 inexpensive beetroot meals!

Avocado and beetroot chicken millefeuille

If your desire is to surprise your guests, this recipe is for you! To achieve it, start by crushing two ripe avocados in a large bowl with a fork.

Add lemon juice, 4 pinches of chilli powder, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Then peel
2 cooked beets and cut them into thin strips.

When this step is done, it’s time to cut 4 slices of bread in small rectangles. Use a kitchen rectangle to make the cut.

Then you can add your avocado mixture. Then pieces of white chicken in strips. Finally, finish this recipe by adding the beet slices.

Student Recipe: Top 4 Inexpensive Beetroot Meals!
Student Recipe: Top 4 Inexpensive Beetroot Meals!

Delicious little dishes

Beetroot muffins

If you are more sweet, this recipe is for you! To prepare your muffins, grate 2 Granny Smith apples and 1 beet, setting the juice aside.

While you preheat the oven to 180 ° C, melt 75 g of butter into pieces in a saucepan. Then in a salad bowl, mix 2 eggs, with 100 g of powdered sugar.

Then pour in the melted butter and 250 ml of milk then mix again. Next step, mix 300 g of wheat flour, baking powder and salt.

The dough must be very smooth. Finally, pour the beetroot juice, then the beetroot and grated apples. Place in the oven for 30 minutes.

Beetroot mousse with tuna

A savory recipe now! To do this, cut 200g of cooked beets into pieces. Mix them then add 170g of cream cheese. Next and not insignificant step : adding spices. Salt, pepper, go for it!

On the other hand, prepare a can of canned tuna and add lemon juice and parsley to it. Mix everything with the beetroot mousse then put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. This recipe is absolutely delicious!

Kiri Soup

Who says beets necessarily means soup! An easy recipe to make in winter! Cut 500g of diced beets and put them in a pot of water with vegetable broth.

Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. Puis mix everything off the heat. Don’t forget to add the Kiri which makes all the difference! Salt, pepper, and finally, taste!


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